On the Wi-Fi page, click the “i” button next to Wi-Fi. Then scroll down and find “Use Private Address”. Flip the switch and that’s it. Your iPhone will now generate a random MAC address and provide it to your router.

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To use a memory card as an internal memory, you have to partition this card since the Link2SD app requires a second partition on memory card. And, it's not working "out-of-the-box" as native app2sd, you need to root your device and create a second partition on memory card.


In fact, there is an alternate method to make a partition on memory card. However, this method requires ClockwordMod. Therefore, if you don’t have CWM installed, you using the method provided above is a great choice. This method works for both Stock ROM and Custom ROM.

Do not remove the Navigation SD card from any new vehicle unless instructed to do so in a service procedure. It should not be removed prior to vehicle delivery.


If you’re wondering how long your laptop can run on a full charge, you also have an estimated battery life. It is considered a good way to check the health of a battery. The table shows the operating times for when fully charged and at rated power. In comparison, my laptop ran 6 hours when it was brand new, but it currently runs for about three and a half hours.

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TIDAL has partnered with MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) to deliver studio quality sound. It was first introduced on desktops, but has gradually expanded to other platforms as well. Imagine mp3 retains 10% of the information, while MQA captures and reveals 100%. While the choice is in the app itself, a dedicated DAC plus a good pair of headphones can only bring out the beauty of this format.


So these were the ways to get randomized MAC addresses across different platforms. If you have further problems or questions, let me know in the comments below.

It’s also easy to install on an Apple device available for iOS 11 and later. The user interface for Android and iOS is the same. The only issue you may run into is availability (by country) in your App Store, don’t worry, click here to find a workaround.


Guide for Link2SD Plus poster

Resetting your router to factory defaults should be your last resort. Consider this only if none of the above methods work, because you will need to change the Internet settings provided by your ISP. On most routers, you can follow the quick setup guide and enter the username and password provided by your ISP. You can also call your internet service provider and ask them for help. Most routers have a remote management feature that allows your ISP to remotely access your router and do all the setup from their office.

The Windows Battery Report is comprehensive and I don’t think you need an additional application. But for those who don’t want to use the command line, presenting battery information is a simple tool. It shows all the information you need about your battery. The only thing that makes it stand out is the real-time display of values.

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Now, if you don’t have any devices connected to your Wi-Fi network, connect your computer to your router via an Ethernet cable. Then open any web browser and enter the router’s IP address in the browser’s omnibox. Usually the router’s IP address is 192/168/1.1 or 192/168/0.1. However, if you don’t remember the IP address of the router, you can start a terminal and type ipconfig, the default gateway you see is the IP address of the router.


Partition the SD card On the pop-up “New Simple Volume Wizard”, uncheck the option of “Perform a quick format” and check “Format this volume with the following settings”. From the File System dropdown, select “NTFS”. Once the formatting is over, you can see the second disk of. Go to Advance>>Partition SD Cardoption on your recovery and select a size for ext 3 partition. This will create an ext 3 file system partition on your sd card called sd-ext.

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Like all other applications, it will provide a visual demonstration of total storage in rectangles proportional to its size on disk. It can be expanded into subfolders. Find a large rectangle that you no longer need, such as for screen recordings, movies, mp3 files, etc. Then click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and select Delete.


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See, with the help of MiniTool Partition Wizard as well as Link2SD, we can effectively use some space of SD card to increase internal storage space of android. However, what should we do if there is no SD card? Or what should we do if we don’t want use Link 2SD?

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After turning off the Wi-Fi adapter, we can change the MAC address. To do this, below is the command.


Start by install link2SD from Play Store. Then open it and give it a root access.

Notice the name of the adapter, which has an UP state. In my case, the name of the Wi-Fi adapter is wlp3s0, whose state is UP.


This is the most popular method and I often use it to find my home Wi-Fi’s Wi-Fi password when I can’t remember it. However, this is a bit technical and you at least have an idea of the router’s web interface. But the good news is that it works when the above method doesn’t work.

For this, we will use a free app called link2sd. Now, there are other alternatives to this app (like apps2sd) but it doesn’t move every file to SD.


Now, even though every OS allows you to manually delete files, it’s quite difficult to find larger ones. So, we’ll use a third party Disk Visualizer for this. This will give you a visual representation of your hard drive and allow you to delete files from the application.

This morning on CNET's Cheapskate I saw a promo for RingPlus' Leonardo 2 free phone service. So I went on their site to investigate. I then dug up an old Samsung M575 (non-android) phone that I had on Virgin Mobile many years ago but was now inactive.


In Linux, the process is somewhat similar to macOS. You can manually change your MAC address and it will be reset after reboot.

I would avoid moving system apps to SD card, because if you accidentally uninstall them, or remove your card, other dependent apps may misbehave. So, avoid system apps if you can.


Now you can insert a random MAC address or use a web application called MAC Address Generator to do so. Use the following command to replace the original MAC address. In my case, I replace my original MAC address with “19: e4: 91: 8f: bd: 41”.

If any computer or Android smartphone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you can retrieve the Wi-Fi password by going to its network settings. However, this is easier to do on a computer than on a smartphone.


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This process is divided into 2 steps. In the first step you will have to download the Android Emulator and Make it Ready. In The Second You will have to download and install APK and OBB.

But after I enter in ## (then my MSL number) # then what? Do I hit the dial button to start the call? What I entered just sits there on the screen. And if I hit the dial button, then I just get a recorded message saying "Your account could not be validated.


For this, we need another app that’s called the LINK2SD app

On the Wi-Fi page, turn on the toggle under the “Random hardware addresses” option. If you don’t know, MAC address is also known as hardware address or computer address. This will allow your Windows 10 PC to use a random MAC address.


If you have a Mac OS computer, go to Applications / Utilities / Keychain Access. Here you will see a list of all WiFi networks. Scroll down until you see your current Wi-Fi name (or use the search bar at the top). Once you find the WiFi name double click it show password enter your MAC login password. And now you have the Wi-Fi password of this network.

Now, to reboot the router, press and hold the small reset button on the back of the router. On some routers, the reset button can only be pressed with a pin or ballpoint pen. So, press the reset button until you see all the lights on your router blinking. This will reset the router to its factory default settings.


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On the other hand, even some apps users keep in their devices will take up more space than they require. To be specific, as time goes by, every app on users’ phone fills space with cached files. Now, they can clean app ache to release more free space to store more data.

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I didn’t find the Disk Visualiser app for iOS, but luckily you don’t need it either. Just go to Settings General Usage Storage. Here, you can see the amount of data occupied by each application on the device, sorted by major offenders. Find the best contender, like Video, then edit and delete the show you’ve already watched.


The Recent Usage section will show you the battery charge status for the last three days. It shows the system startup time (regardless of whether the adapter or the battery was the power source) and the remaining battery capacity in both mWh and percentage. In addition, you have a battery usage indicator that shows the low battery in the last 72 hours. Indicated by a table supplemented by a diagram. You can easily check how long your system has been on battery power, the percentage of discharged power, etc.

It allows the players to create their own superstars, entrances, arenas, and events. Along with GM e in WWE 2k19 APK, you can also be acting out as the manager of a show and manage events, fire wrestlers, ignite rivalries and much more. You can even add your created wrestlers to an already extended superstar roster.


The report is divided into several sections, starting with the PC overview. Among other things, you can check the product name, BIOS, OS build, report generation date. When you scroll down the page, the Installed Battery section appears, displaying battery information. It lists the name, manufacturer, serial number and, most importantly, design and total charging capacity.

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Important note– Changing of IMEI number is an offensive act. It is considered to be illegal in many countries. This tutorial is only for educational purposes. You shall change your IMEI number at own your risk. We offer you sincere recommendation for not changing your IMEI number. There are people who change the IMEI number by making multiple fake accounts on a single android device for making money with these applications. The application developers want their phones to register on many devices and they track the number on the devices. But people change the IMEI number to spook the applications.

Pro Tip: Having a device with MQA enabled will improve quality. Check out compatible devices here.


We often download huge TV shows to our devices, but when we finish watching them, we often forget to delete them. Or there may be other large files that we no longer need. So, the best way to reclaim space is to find the files that are taking up the most space on your hard drive and then delete them.

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Let us look into some easy ways to change the EMEI number of your phone. This simple software will help you change your IMEI number of any Android device. You can make use of the device to change the IMEI number of Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Micromax or other android devices as well.


A random MAC address is built into many OSs like Android, iPhone (pop over to this site) and Windows 10. On macOS and Linux, if there is a workaround, you can still get this feature. So, here’s how you can enable a randomized MAC address on any device.

A MAC address is a unique 12-digit alphanumeric code that is assigned to each device that can connect to the network. This MAC address is hardcoded by the manufacturer on the device’s network chip, so unlike IP addresses, MAC addresses do not change. Simply put, MAC randomization blocks your device from using its original MAC address. Instead, it generates random 12-digit alphanumeric characters and transmits them as your device’s original MAC address. If you want to change your MAC address to a specific one, check out this article.


Linking apps to SD card requires root level permission. So, make sure you root your device, if not already done.

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Our ears don’t really feel the difference until we are very careful. If you are not using a DAC (digital to audio converter), you may not be hearing the subtleties. But there is a long way to go and dive into a world of possibilities, well, in the end you can become an audiophile. So get a DAC and see for yourself. If you’re still curious, here are some more details on data loss in different formats.


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Get a phone with Spark for good coverage. LS970 does not have it. G2 or G3 does.

I am partial to LG phones for their uncluttered interfaces and removable batteries. So I was thinking of getting an LG Volt, an LG Volt 2 (Boost), an LG Optimus G LS970, or a used LG G2 or G3. Will all these work with RingPlus and my new Leonardo 2 service?


I read that others had problems with latency, but in testing on the M575 where I live - NY City - I have not noticed any significant issues, although the testing has been only brief and limited. I also do not mind the radio/ads replacing the ringing too much. I'd rather have normal rings, of course. But it's a decent compromise for free service.

In the next step, you need to authorize your credit card or PayPal for automatic payment after the end of your 30-day trial period. In our testing, you can use any credit card or Paypal account from any country, it doesn’t have to be from the US as in the case of creating an Amazon US account.


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The battery cycle counter is the total number of times the battery can be charged and discharged. For example, if you charge the battery to 65%, discharge it and charge it again to 35%, it will count as one complete cycle.

Then select the plan you want to buy. There are two options: Tidal’s premium service costs $ 9/99, and the Hi-Fi plan will set you back $ 19/99 per month. There is a 30-day trial period that you can cancel at any time. Therefore, we highly recommend signing up for a HiFi subscription because it will unlock better streaming quality.


I want to put this plan on an Android device so I just ordered an LG G Stylo from Amazon. It's $129 right now (the Boost variant) and that's the cheapest I've found it anywhere. So if anyone is interested, that's the place to get it. It has a good IPS 5/7" screen with decent ppi. The only issue I see with it is the limited 8gb internal storage, but I plan to root it and install Link2SD, so that should solve things. I did that with my LG Ultimate 2 for Tracfone and it has worked flawlessly since. I really wanted an all-in-one device, and the Stylo will now serve as an eReader, phone, mini-tablet, and music player. Ultimately I would like to get an LG V10, but I will wait till much later next year at the earliest to see if prices drop or they come out with an even better successor to that.

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The 15-digit number specifies the model and the origin of the device. The first eight digit of the number is the origin of the device and the last six digits indicates the manufacturer of the device.


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After you have downloaded the APK, click on it to install it on your phone. In some cases, you may be prompted to to allow installation from unknown sources, enable and manually install the APK. Follow the instructions on the screen to do this.

So, these were some of the ways to find your lost Wi-Fi password. You can also try hacking your WiFi network for password using Kali Linux, etc. Now I know this is more of a theory than a practical implementation. But if you want to find your Wi-Fi password and have some fun, then you can also hack your network with brute force.


Similar to Guide for Link2SD Plus

The difference can be terribly low, but as the number increases, the amount of data loss increases. It is often more visible in quality headphones and DACs.

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To visualize your hard drive on a Mac, I suggest Disk Inventory X. It’s free and works similar to WinDirStat. When you run this application, you have the option to analyze the entire hard drive (it will take a few minutes) or a specific folder, and then it will show you a set of color-coded rectangles.


Whether you are an audiophile or a casual listener, good streaming makes sense for everyone. In the pool of streaming music platforms, TIDAL is reaching a point where it is still targeted at a specific audience and user base. Call it ignorance or random behavior, the truth is people don’t really pay attention to streaming quality.

This workaround is only valid until a reboot. Hence, if something doesn’t work as expected or you want to reset this setting, do a quick reboot.

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Any random 14-digit alphanumeric address can be used as the MAC address. I used “70: 5E: 55: 65: F4: 10”.


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EDIT 2: Here's a link that gives a little more detail about programming Virgin Mobile phones. Don't know if it applies to your model or not but, if it does, you might have to manually enter in the MDN and MSID.

If so, you’ve successfully installed and set up Link2SD
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  • Download Link2SD from Playstore. Open it after installation

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You can export the report to HTML and also add an icon bar to the taskbar. It constantly shows the remaining time to charge and the current capacity. Now that you know how healthy your battery is, do you really need to replace it?


WWE 2K19 Apk is one of the latest and updated versions of the World Wrestling Entertainment Game that is known as 2k series games. It is all mentioned away to be among the best 2021 high definition (HD) game to play on the mobile phone. It is all set away with the finishing of the awesome graphics, as well as the customization options, more superstar wrestlers inclusion, and also with the improved multi-player option and so many more.

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So, make sure all the files you currently have saved are backed up in your computer hard drive. Back up only the important files if you don’t have adequate free space available. Root permission should be granted to Apps2SD 2 partitions on external SD card (use Apps2SD partition tool to create 2nd partition).


Find the largest rectangle and see if you can remove it. To give you a better overview, it also shows the file type and location in Finder. To delete a file, simply right-click the rectangle and select the move to trash option.

When you press the WPS button on the router and Android smartphone at the same time, the router automatically transmits the Wi-Fi password over the wireless network and connects the device to the router without having to enter the WiFi password. Watch the following video on how to connect to * some Wi-Fi network without a password.


You just got home from a long vacation and now you don’t remember your Wi-Fi password. Or, let’s say, you set a complex password that you don’t remember now. Well, forgetting your Wi-Fi password can be frustrating. But worry, if you have any device connected to your Wi-Fi network or have access to your router’s web interface, you can easily find your Wi-Fi password. So let’s see what options we have.