The precise system requirements for the RepliGo Reader application are included in the software’s manual. You can find the manual in electronic format on RepliGo Reader’s website as well. We cannot provide support for this product, so in case of a problem, turn to the developer of RepliGo Reader!

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Not having a user accessible filesystem on the iPad drives me up the wall at times. Also, the Nexus 7 slips into my pockets easily, where I have to carry the iPad in a bag - so the iPad stays at home.


I think WP's implementation is somewhat better. On a side, but related note, when you swipe up on iPad, why is the mute button next to the brightness control, not next to the volume? I've messed that up more times than I've gotten it right.

Sungale ID430WTA User Manual

Here's another minor quibble that I haven't addressed with Android. Perhaps if I can resolve most of my minor issues, and a few of my major ones (like the qPDF app working well), then I'll be a lot happier.


In iOS 7. My complaint is valid for another few hours. I would still rather press the volume button.

It sounds like you don't know how 2 factor works in practice. You don't enter the 2nd factor every time - you enter whenever you use a device that you don't trust. So you'd log in to your desktop - check that you trust it and then not have to enter the 2nd factor for a month.


While I may be naive here, I have the feeling iOS sandboxing makes my system significantly more secure than Android. Every single Android app requires ridiculous permissions to see just about everything else. I could be mistaken, but my understanding is Apple won't allow that to happen. Or maybe they are allowing it to happen and Google is being more transparent about what's happening. I also feel that the higher barriers to entry on Apple review to get an app into the app store make it more likely to be secure than Google.

Further, if god forbid I accidentally press the Android BACK button out of the file I annotated from my email, it's gone forever. That's happened several times in my testing because I'm still getting used to holding the tablet. With iOS, like I said before, opening an email attachment will by default copy that attachment into that program.

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I don’t think this will prove very useful as an E-ink Android tablet, and it’s a good thing I had already tried the Sony Reader PRS-T1 and found that device workable as an E-ink Android tablet. Otherwise the poor performance of the Lynx would be enough to make me give up on the idea.


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If you want to clear your facebook data, please refer to content in “Setting→Clear Data History” section. YouTube Tap “YouTube” to view videos, and tap “ ” touch key to find more operations like “Upload, My account, Categories, etc”. Market In the home screen, tap “Market”.

I'll add one additional one: battery life. You can just leave any iOS device, and two days later the battery life is still the same. Not an Android device; it'll burn several percent per day with nothing running.


I'm not a fan of Android on tablets much, but every time I travel, which I'm at the end of a 5 week trip in Europe now, I'm reminded how fucking limited iPads are. Myself and my wife use the barely-above-netbook cheap laptop I bought for travel constantly, or my Nexus, the iPad is frankly useless.

My Experiences With Nexus 7 Versus iPad

The iOS7 control center looks awesome. Looking forward to using it later today.


The quality of apps on Android is terrible compared to iOS. While this is not necessarily the fault of Google, I feel that Google should identify a handful of core required apps and internally develop them to fill in the gaps. Specifically one I found lacking is a PDF annotator. If you go on iOS, you'll find a dozen iOS PDF annotators that are highly rated of 4/5 stars+ with thousands of reviews.

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Don't expect to get what you give. Not everyone has a heart like yours.


What I have such a hard time with is figuring out why so many people love Android and piss on iOS. I want to see the appeal and I must be approaching this the wrong way or maybe my needs are completely different. I feel like I must be missing something with so many happy Android users out there in the world. Do people really care about how they can shift icons around the screen that much more than using the actual apps themselves? Or am I just looking for apps that don't exist in Android and my needs are incompatible?

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My experience in the world of iOS is that if the app is less than 4/5ish stars, I don't bother. There's so many high quality apps on the iOS App Store that there's at least one 5-star app (with thousands of reviews and 5-star happy customers) for everything you could want, so I immediately discount anything with less than 4/5 stars. This app is rated 4 stars so I would have skipped it.

Therefore brault et martineau liquidation should have guaranteed quality standards so that consumers are satisfied. Is there any feedback you would like to provide? Lately, we seem to like products (view publisher site) that come as a. The most recent update adds aware of the fact that Growl and LassoScript, and improvements action will take effect immediately.


The stock settings on the Onyx reading app combine illegible text with badly rendered images. And while I fixed the issues with the text I don’t see a way to get the T68 to render images properly (see below).

At $250 (prices plus shipping to the US), it’s a very pricy ereader. So rather than put readers in my position of taking an expensive gamble on an unknown device, I would like to help everyone make an informed decision about this ereader.


And reset the device before giving it away. Bye bye goes all your data and entered account info.

On the iPad, the mute/rotation lock button switches based on what you configure the side switch is configured for. If the hardware switch is set to mute, then the button in the control center changes to "Lock Rotation" and vice versa. It's the rightmost button of the five toggle switches so it's not right to the volume slider, but as it's a toggle it makes sense to be there.


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I look at it the way I look at my wife's and my wardrobe: I'd look awful wearing her clothes, and vice versa for her. That doesn't mean that one or the other is better, it's just that what's in our own closets works best for the each of us. And so it goes.

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FileScout can preload the images in the current directory for faster viewing. Please note cause of device memory limitations it could be, that not all images could be preloaded.

I also cannot get it to sync correctly or download ebooks. Update: Changing the refresh mode fixed the issue with the Kindle app.


I just made transfer to him and thereafter, he reassured me that he will send my data upon confirmation of payment. Not too long, I received the data and a message from him notifying me of same.

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That's actually a really good app. I bought it with the idea in mind I wouldn't like it and would return it, but wanted to do due diligence.

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I'm not sure why Google thought it was a good idea to use 16:9 as an aspect ratio on a tablet. I guess if 99% of your use is watching movies, then sure. It turns out that the aspect ratio makes the Nexus 7 worthless to actually read and annotate PDF documents. An 8/5x11" sheet of paper is nearly a 4:3 aspect ratio, which matches the iPad. By shifting to 16:9, my Nexus 7 loses nearly 15% of screen real estate. It becomes essentially a 6" screen with 1" of black bars at the top and bottom (combined).


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My Onyx Boox T68 has Arrived – What Should I Do With It

That's actually one of the things I hate about iOS being a Windows Phone user. Why can't I just press a volume button to get media controls?

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Keep in mind the longevity of the platforms as well. Given the same tenure I am sure both markets would be equal, or Android possibly better given the overpriced nature of most things Apple.

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Onyx has been making ereaders for 5 years now and working on Android on E-ink since 2021, but I can’t see that technical expertise in the T68 Lynx. The software is best described as rough. If you plan to get one I would wait until after the next major update.

A file manager Software for BlackBerry® Devices

Fresh from reviewing RepliGo Reader, I wanted to have a look at BeamReader from SLG Solutions Inc, formerly Beam Berry Solutions Inc. I‘ve decided, for the time being, to forgo including PDF To Go, as it isn't a standalone product like BeamReader and RepliGo Reader are. PDF To Go is actually part of the Documents To Go Premium Edition solution from Dataviz. Documents To Go is a discussion, and a review, for a later time.


In iOS the control center is just one finger up from the bottom of the screen. Four finger swipe up is the app switcher.