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A nice feature to build into your application is allowing your application to check for inactivity. Inactivity means that the program is just "standing still" - it is open, but it seems to be forgotten. Some programs check for inactivity in order to release important resources. Some programs rely on activity in order to keep database connections open, etc. In this article we will let our program check for inactivity.


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The final piece of code we need to add is the Timer's Tick event. This will serve to wait for messages. If messages haven't been received in two minutes, we quit.


When run and left inactive for two minutes, a messagebox will pop up informing you that your application has been inactive for too long, and exits. If your application (form) didn't become inactive, you'd get a message each time you did something. That can get a tad annoying, but this is obviously just an example (which you will be able to download) for you to use as you wish.

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Start up Visual Studio and choose either VB.NET or C#. Create a Windows Forms Project. There will be some differences in our VB and C# projects, because C# will implement this Interface differently than VB. Add a few controls to your form, and add a Timer (which is the most important here). For the Timer, set the Interval Property to 1000 (One second).

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Apart from the syntactical changes between VB.NET and C#, there are some other differences too. In C#, we cannot Implement the IMessageFilter Interface the same way we did in VB.NET. We have to create a separate class, and then make use of that class from within our form.

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