Adaptation Distillation: Many stories from the show were released in the numbered series Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Library. Some were released as 8 x 8 paperback books and others as large picture books in the style of the original books. These are all generally well done, but being picture books, they simplify the plots of the stories.

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In her dream, there is thunder, but the thunder is the color of rhubarb and it comes in twin booms. Every time the thunder sounds, the grass blades change shape. Then, beneath her body, the DA sees Benson, lying on her back, touching herself, laughing. The DA dreams her clothes off, and dreams herself rolling her body against Benson’s, and the thunder rolls, too, except not really, it’s more walking.


Miss Spider's Tea Party A Storybook Companion

He insists on jogging to crime scenes instead of using the squad car. Whenever he takes off from the station, his button-down and tie tucked into bright red running shorts, Benson goes and gets herself a coffee from the bodega, reads a newspaper, and then drives to the crime scene. Stabler always arrives a few minutes later, his fingers pressed against his pulse, shoes striking the pavement in an even rhythm. He jogs in place while they interview witnesses.

She stands in her doorway, staring down at the white line. She takes her big toe and probes it. She remembers being at the beach with her mother when she was a child and burning her feet on the hot, smooth sand. She pushes her toe, breaking the line, and says, “Oops,” but doesn’t really mean it. The children come rushing at her like a flash flood rolling through a narrow gorge. Their bells ring chaotic, gleeful and rapturous and angry, like a swarm of euphoric bees. They tickle her skin with their desperation.


Miss Spider: Fly Away Friends / Bedtime Story

A single lightbulb, the filament struggling to burn, hangs from the ceiling. Benson and Stabler pull out their guns. They grope along the walls with their free hands until they reach another door. A big room, now, big as an airplane hanger, empty.

Miss Spider's Tea Party - Story Comprehension, Vocab, & Retell

She walks carefully to her bed and gets horizontal. She feels the bullet melting inside of her, making her better. The girl-with-bells-for-eyes comes to the side of her bed, bells swinging wildly like she is a church caught in a stiff wind.

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Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Library

The girl-with-bells-for-eyes gets as close to the bed as she can without walking through it. She begins to glow. Benson’s bedroom is filling with light. Across the street, a man with a telescope lifts his head from the eyepiece, gasps.


Inside each belly, an identical left arm—sparkling purple jelly bracelet, chipped green polish, thin white scar where the pinky meets the palm. When they run the prints, they trace the arm back to a missing girl in New York. The medical examiner looks at the five arms lined up next to each other.

Hey, it doesn’t take much to excite me, alright! Give me some free pinecones and I’ll be giddy ’til summer.


She holds her bed, which feels like an amusement park ride, pitching and rolling. We will never ride the Tilt-a-Whirl again, ever.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

She dutifully takes her pill at the same time every morning. She makes dates and always keeps them.


She finishes every scrap of green. She goes to her fridge and begins to prepare more.

He buys a ticket for every show, sits in the mezzanine, never goes backstage for an autograph. She always gets the uneasy sensation that she is being watched, aggressively, but never knows who it is.



There is a drought in Sunny Patch and seeds are scarce. The ant brothers are desperate for seeds, but are too lazy to collect their own. They come up with a scheme to sell some pretty red leaves as "magic carpets" -only three seeds for a leaf. Every kid in Sunny Patch wants one, including Bounce and Squirt who despite Miss Spider (click over here now) and Holley's advice to the contrary, decide to spend three precious seeds to get one. As soon as they get the carpet, it's obvious that it isn't magic at all. Everybuggy in Sunny Patch realizes that the ants have duped them. What's worse they find out the leaves are from the itchy ivy bush in the Dell. The ant brothers have to return all the seeds when everybuggy comes down with bad cases of the itches;Squirt, Bounce, Shimmer and Dragon are out for a day of nothing but fun when they notice Bounce has lost his smile. They try everything they can think of to find it. But it's gone. Bounce is afraid it may be gone for good.

Scientists take notice immediately. The state pours money into research.


She plants basil and thyme and dill and oregano and beets and spinach and kale and rainbow chard. The sound of pattering water released from a watering can is so beautiful she wants to cry.

Where Pansy is all about the physical, Snowdrop is about the cerebral. She is a dreamer, an inventor and a budding scientist. Snowdrop is a keen observer of the world around her. She is a marvelous engineer and craftsbug. Her webs are masterpieces and she already has a reputation in sunny patch (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=4913) for their delicate intricacy. She's the first to put together an acorn shell buggy for the annual sunny patch (click) go-cart race. Her best pal and sister pansy is sure to race it to victory. Moving at her own pace, Snowdrop is a kid who easily gets lost in reverie, stopping every step to marvel at a flower unfolding or cloud changing shape or to collect tidbits for her next invention. She often lags behind the family and her sister Pansy always keeps a watchful eye out for her. There isn't much that can ruffle snowdrop's blissful nature.


Little Miss Spider is all grown up and she is getting hitched to Holley spider. The wedding is a bug-stravaganza.

She tries to talk, but the words that come out are nonsense. Stabler gives her a cup of water. She drinks it in a single gulp, and then vomits onto his desk. The contents: said water, four nails, splinters of plywood, and a laminated slip of paper with a code on the side that seems to indicate it came from a library book.


Miss Spider's Tea Party Literacy and Math Packet

Benson offers to help pull the guts from the turkey, something she always wanted to do as a child. Stabler’s wife gives her a bright orange bowl, leaves to attend to her squabbling daughters. Benson notices that Stabler’s wife is not speaking to Stabler.

Spinner wants to be a songwriter just like his pop, Holley. And when he listens to nature's sounds in the meadow, it inspires him to compose his first song. Trouble is, by the time Spinner gets back to the Cozy Hole to sing his new tune to his parents, he's forgotten the melody! Try as he might he just can't remember his special song. So Holley teaches him how to use a "Melody Catcher" - a musical staff made out of spider webs, with real spiders for the notes! When Holley assigns Spinner and his seven brothers and sisters each a note, Spinner realizes they can sing a scale. This way, next time Spinner thinks of a song he can use the melody catcher to capture t. Now if only he could remember how his special melody went. When he returns to the meadow, the nature sounds jog his memory and Spinner remembers his song!


Little Miss Spider is all grown up and she is getting hitched to Holley spider

The taxi driver slams on his brakes, his bumper stopping a hairswidth from Benson’s shins. When she looks through the windshield, she sees a teenage boy in the passenger seat, eyes closed. When he opens then, the sun glints off the curves of the bells. The taxi driver screams at Benson as she stares.

They get tired of being treated like babies. They want to be super heroes too. Besides, they have Flower Power. The big kids think they're too little to have real super powers. Miffed the two little girls go off to play on their own. During a game of hide and seek, Lil Sis falls asleep in a flower. When the rest of the kids gather for lunch, nobuggy knows where Lil' Sis is. The big kids feel terrible. They were supposed to keep an eye on her. Everybuggy in Sunny Patch comes out to look for Lil Sis. Eventually it's the kids that find her but she's stuck in the nectar inside a flower.


Before they go out, his wife faces him. She reaches up and snatches the mask off his face.

She takes her fingers and presses them into Benson’s mouth. Benson does not wake up. The girl pushes herself, in and in, and when Benson’s eyes open, Benson is not opening them. Benson is curled up in the corner of her mind, and she sees through her eyes distantly, like they are windows on the opposite side of a lengthy living room. Benson-who-is-not-Benson walks around the apartment. Benson-who-is-not-Benson takes off her nightgown and touches her grown woman’s body, inspecting every inch.


Their Spider mother and father teach them to be good to bugs and learn how to deal with life in Sunny Patch

She’s brought a friend this time, a small girl with hair in tight cornrows and no mouth. She gets out of bed and tries to push them away, but her hands and upper body go through both of them as if they are nothing. They taste like mildew in her mouth. She remembers being eight and kneeling before the humidifier in her room, taking in the steam like it was the only way she could drink.

Benson watches as he gently unties the ropes, unwraps the chains, unlocks the handcuffs, and lets her stand up from the chair on her own. Benson is holding her gun in her hand. She unloads three bullets into each of them, not expecting much. They keep moving as if nothing is happening except the funny foxtrot of their feet.


Get Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids On Video

So anyway, I found these huge honkin’ pine cones up at Mammoth Mountain. Some might think it’s no big deal, but I’m from Texas.

Here's the plot: The spiders Miss Spider and Holley marry and hatch five spiderlings

It’s so old that he has to call in a favor from a guy in the records department. The sound of the paper scraping against the thin manila envelope slows Stabler’s heart.


The oldest daughter rolls her eyes. Her mother helps her scrub her scalp, and the youngest whines that the shampoo burns. Stabler feels serene for the first time in months.

The girls stare at the scene in horror, and run to their rooms, where one is busy forgetting and the other is remembering what will, one day, be a chapter in her well-received memoir. Father Jones didn’t just touch Stabler and Lucy, you know.


Gsa email spider crack

The DA looks at Henson’s face in the flickering half-dark. Here, more than anywhere, she looks just like Benson.


Miss spider’s sunny patch

It seems to come from the break room. When he goes there, it sounds like it is coming from the interrogation room. Inside the interrogation room, he hears it again. He bangs his hands on the two-way mirror, imitating the sound, hoping to lure it, hoping to see it, but all is quiet.

Sunny's Life in Rehab

Free-range eggs come from hens that are allowed to wander around the entire barn floor. They also have access to at least two square feet of outdoor roaming space when the weather permits.


When Benson finally opens the door to go to the gym, they are there, filling the hallway. Their bells rock, but no sound comes out. When Benson gets close, she realizes that someone has unhooked the hammers. The bells swing back and forth and back and forth, and they are quieter than they have ever been.

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Wiggle shows up for a meeting, but Shelley and Feather discourage him from joining because he's not as strong as they are. When Shelley gets in a jam and gets stuck in a hole, nobuggy can get him out.

He thinks he hears his daughter’s voice crying his name. Startled, he trips on the treadmill and his whole body slams against the cinderblock wall. The path rolls toward him in endless loops.


Parents as People: Miss Spider and Holley aren't portrayed as perfect parents and neither are Spiderus and Spindella once they become parents. As early as "Family Circus," Miss Spider (about his) is shown making a mistake when she admits she jumped to conclusions regarding Squirt's actions.

Why Are We Whispering: In "Basketberry Blues," Dragon and Squirt pull a trick to make Spinner think that he's good at basketberry by tying low-visibility spider silk around the basketberry and having Spinner take off his glasses so that he can't see that it's rigged so that it always goes in the basket. He thinks he's so good that he'll try out for the basketberry team. That evening, the rest of the kids discuss that they can't let him do this in hushed voices.


She tells Benson and Stabler that he raped her when they were teenagers. They don’t have the heart to tell her that he was a twin.

When the judge asks her if she has any questions for the witness, she shakes her head. At home, Henson is waiting for her, curled up on the couch with a copy of Madame Bovary, chewing on a piece of hair, laughing at all the right places.


A Beetle-Ful Family Sunny Patch Wiki Fandom

As she begins to run for the woods, he realizes he’s tired and wants to go make some dinner. He takes a few steps toward the tree line, and she joins her sister.

Watch Miss Spiders Sunny Patch Kids

They are wet and thick and fit together like pieces of a puzzle. It’s almost like someone zipped open human skulls before birth and slopped them in there like oatmeal.


Now there's no one to sing to his spiderlings! That's when Snowdrop fesses up. When she demonstrates how she sang along with Spiderus' lullaby, the babies - Bella, Ivy and Mandrake - start hatching from their web sacs, just in time to finish the lullaby;When Spindella goes out of town, Spiderus is left in charge of the three newborn bugs. Since he prides himself on being a perfect papa, he figures taking care of their triplets should be a snap. He'll even use the time to paint their new nursery. But he quickly learns there's no such thing as a perfect parent when he over-reacts to every little pouty face, whimper and buggy rambunctiousness. Add to this he can't even get started on painting the nursery. He figures he must be the worst parent in Sunny Patch (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=9332). With three bawling baby bugs in tow, Spiderus begs Miss Spider (continue reading) and Holley for help. But they point out that nobuggy's a perfect parent - even them. As long as you love your little bugs and are there for them the rest will follow.

He draws thick black lines through most of them, though not all. His mother doesn’t understand the names, or the lines, and burns the lists on the grill in their backyard.


Henson drives Abler home, and they laugh. Thirteen blocks from the restaurant, they grope at each other, kissing as they stumble out of the car. Henson puts Abler’s hand on her breast, and her nipple tightens.

She drives her car to a grocery store in Queens and buys three hundred dollars worth of produce. It will make her fridge look like the garden of Eden. She will not eat it while she gnaws on chewy French toast in the Styrofoam container from the diner. The produce will, predictably, rot. Her fridge will smell overwhelmingly like dirt. She will collect it in garbage bags and throw it in the public trashcan near the station before her next trip.


Insects and Spiders: Little Miss Muffet Learns About Spiders Guided Reading Book

She rubs her forearm and bites her lip. She listens to the distant throbbing of salsa music coming from an apartment across the street. A film of sweat seals her guilt like Saran Wrap™.

The girl-with-bells-for-eyes stands over her, like a mother. Benson grabs at the bells, pulls them as hard as she can, and the ghost-girl jerks violently, and every lightbulb in Benson’s apartment explodes, covering the carpet with glass.


My 3 children & I watched this show on Nick 2 days ago & we loved it. The story was great, the animation was wonderful & the sound was awesome! Please Please make it a regular.

It shakes the water glass on the nightstand. Stabler’s wife doesn’t seem to notice.


She throws a ripe vegetable in every garbage can in a twenty-block radius. It feels good to spread it out like this, the wasting.

She tries to give them to the girls-with-bells-for-eyes, but the hammers don’t take. She tries drawing them on a piece of paper, but the ink runs when pressed into their faces. The girls crowd into her kitchen, so many of them, and so bright, that the neighbor that spies on Benson with his telescope is certain that her apartment is on fire, and calls the fire department.


She spreads a line of salt along her threshold, on the windowsills. That night, for the first time in months, the bell-children stay away.

He sits on the stoop and waits for Abler to come back. He fantasizes about taking a brick to Abler’s head.


They slide up walls and through grates and under doors and arc through glass windowpanes. They take what they want, leave what they want, and some cry, and some don’t.

I’ll just alternate between the two for the duration of this post. I could Google it, but that would take an extra 3 seconds.

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Never ask if he misses us

When Miss Spider (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=242), Squirt and Dragon help Spiderus' family plant their garden, Spindella asks if they can do anything in return. Miss Spider suggests they 'pass on' the good deed to somebuggy else, explaining that when you plant one good deed seed, many more will grow from it!


A Miss Mallard Mystery

They discover that the victim assumed the identity of another man years before because he was wanted by police. In the end, Stabler discovers that the stolen identity of the man in question was also stolen, and he and Benson have to begin the investigation all over again. That night, as he unsuccessfully tries to sleep, Stabler begins to hear a strange noise.

Miss Spider I'll Fly Away / All Pupa'ed Out

His parishioners look on in fear as he clings to the pulpit, wailing a name over and over. Convinced that this is an admission of guilt of some kind or another, the diocese calls Benson and Stabler. In his office, Benson knocks a pen off his desk, and Father Jones dives after it, howling.


S2 E15 - Captain Sunny Patch Flies Again

Her spine aches and her muscles freeze and twitch and burn. She digs up the first girl, then the second. She slides one coffin left, one coffin right. She drops them under their correct, respective names.

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Ultimate spider man full episodes

But as Squirt scampers off to join the family fun he tells everybuggy that today he's just going to be himself. Regular ol' Squirt;Spiderus, Spindella, Mandrake, Ivy and Bella arrive home from their vacation to find their home covered in icky mold. Mandrake and Spiderus are highly allergic. Although Miss Spider has offered to put them all up for a few days till their home is cleaned up, Mandrake and Spiderus can't even be in the Hollow Tree. Stinky the stinkbug generously offers to put them up, much to Spiderus' dismay. He can't stand the little stinkbug's odor. Mandrake adapts easily to his new surroundings, but Spiderus gets more and more uptight. When Stinky helps Mandrake mix his own powerful stink potion and Mandrake splashes it all over himself, Spiderus loses it. He can't tolerate one more minute in Stinky's home. He blows up at Stinky and takes his son away. But when Spiderus and Mandrake encounter a hungry snake and Mandrake uses his super stinky potion to save his Dad's life, Spiderus is thankful for Stinky's smell.