In its ongoing war against the toxic parts of League of Legends' community, developer Riot Games has kicked off a promising initiative to encourage teamwork and collaboration between players. For the next two weeks, people who play games with teams of friends are eligible for big Influence Points rewards.

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  • League Of Legends Is Now Rewarding People For Playing Nice On Teams
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Riot's announcement of the new plan wasn't all that detailed, so I'm not sure what (if anything) the developer has done to anticipate those sorts of situations. The prospect of gaining massive chunks of IP, however, has already encouraged many League players to go in search of new in-game friends—people whom they'll presumably want to treat nicely if they hope to remain friends.


If you agree to all the conditions, press continue and then log out. Once you log back in after a couple of minutes, the transfer will be ready and you can enjoy your new server.

Reasons to Purchase a League of Legends Account

Enter any matchmade queue with a premade party and the entire group earns a chance at multiplying [sic] the standard IP reward. Party Rewards work a lot like normal IP rewards—there're different scales depending on the queue. For example, Summoner's Rift queues award more IP than Twisted Treeline or Howling Abyss queues. There is a chance your group earns no Party Reward, but larger premade groups win higher tiers of IP rewards. Some lucky players will even earn rare, massive IP prizes. If you queue alone, you won't be eligible for Party Rewards.


Also, I should note that my experience as a new League player is very different than the ones experienced fans have in the game. There are a ton of champions (more than 120, with new ones still being produced regularly) and runes, but if you've played for a long time there's a decent chance you've unlocked pretty much everything you can with IP for the time being. IP boosts don't offer much of an incentive for these sorts of players—though if they've managed to accumulate so much with one account, it seems ok to assume they've managed to play by the rules enough to at least hold onto that same account.

An even better trick to pull on your enemies is to “accidentally” type something in all chat, making them think you’re somewhere you’re not. For instance, at the beginning of the game typing “invade tribush” in all chat followed immediately with an “oops” or “nvm” is a great trick to make enemies think you’re invading one side of the map while you’re actually somewhere else.


If you want to play that particular difficulty level still, you can buy a smurf account with that particular level. The difference is that the account that you have purchased will come with a better co-players and champions that would help you win and move past the ELO hell instantly.

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Have you found a different solution to having a grey play button? Need more help troubleshooting bugs in League?

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RP and IP are the things you use to purchase in-game characters and, with RP specifically, special skins like that fancy new DJ Sona outfit. While RP are mostly available through real-money purchases, players accumulate IP by just playing games. Most League players I've spoken to have told me the common practice is to use IP to unlock champions and, at higher levels, purchase useful "runes," while saving the comparatively valuable RP for special skins for your favorite champions. The specific amount of IP you earn depends on factors like the type of game you're playing, what map you play on, and whether you end up winning or losing. The biggest IP boosts tend to come from winning player-versus-player games on Summoner's Rift, which is also the most popular (and also most competitive) way to play League of Legends.

When this happens, you will lose everything like your stats, the account itself and the money you used to purchase it, making it a waste of time and effort. Moreover, you can’t change the credentials of a verified account; therefore, you don’t own the account even if you bought it already. To be on a safer side, guarantee that you’re purchasing an unverified smurf account.


Hi, i often read stories of how LoL changed or saved lives, but i wanna share my story, on how this game ruined mine. I've played League of Legends since Maokai release patch in 2021. In the same time i was attending my 2nd year in Electronic Engineering. Once i discovered this game i started playing normally, like 2-3 games per day, till i hit level 30 and started to try ranked. Obviously back in that time i fell instanly in bronze elo and with some friends we started to improve our game and trying to climb to silver. In 2-3 months my lifestyle completely changed, i was hooked to the game and i'm really embarassed to admit that i was playing like there was no tomorrow. I started lying to my parents and my gf, saying i was studying hard and instead playing 10 hours a day. I did this for almost 2 years, playing at night and sleeping from 6 to 13 in the morning, i gained weight and get depressed. League of Legends has been a drug for me. Luckily a month ago, internet has been shut down at my place for 2 weeks.

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It's absolutely possible that the client won't let you in because the League servers are down. If this is the issue, there's not a whole lot you can do about it. While it's frustrating, all you can really do is wait.

However, sometimes the League of Legends queue is outrageously long, to the tune of several thousand players

Nowadays, it’s normal to hear about people who got scammed while trying to buy a smurf. You might be thinking about how can you be sure about the seller and how secure it is to buy a smurf. Continue reading below to know the ways to verify the legitimacy of the smurf accounts that you’re contemplating to buy.


The Pokémon Company and Tencent today revealed Pokémon Unite as the newest title using the popular license. A free-to-play MOBA focusing on 5v5 battles with various Pokémon like Charizard, Blastoise and Snorlax as playable characters, Pokémon Unite was revealed today. But will it launch on PC. Initial signs point (description) towards.

Every millisecond in League of Legends counts, so being a jerk can come at high cost

Even if something happens to your main account, you get to play using what you’ve purchased. What’s even better is since you can buy an account with a higher level and rank, you don’t need to struggle to level up.


Will Hullbreaker be the catalyst that pushes the League of Legends into a new meta. There’s been a lot of talk and anticipation surrounding Riot’s plans to add an item that will reward players for split pushing, well that talk is over.

You shouldn’t hesitate to buy a League of Legends account given the various benefits associated with it. After all, you get to enjoy bonus RP and BE, play higher levels, play different regions and more. Just remember to check for legitimacy while trying to buy an account. This will help you to avoid getting scammed and purchasing a hacked account that can be retrieved by the real owner later.


Every league player is bound to experience this once in a while at a higher level. If you get stuck in ELO hell, you might get frustrated doing the same level over and over again without progressing.

Another great all chat trick is to place a ward on the path that the enemy jungler will likely take any time he’s near your lane. Then, every time you see the enemy jungler, take a moment to say “hi” in all chat. Not only is it good for you to keep tabs on the enemy but it will also dissuade him from coming to gank if he thinks you have vision of him.


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Things might not always work out that way, though. The prospect of earning massive IP boosts could also add so much pressure to win a game of League that players (even groups of friends) lose their patience even faster than many already do once they start to feel like they're losing. Playing through the end of a game your team is convinced they're not going to win is one of the easiest ways to run face-first into horrible toxicity—especially if, like in my botched Shyvana mid-lane game, you're playing with a group of people who a) already know each other and b) are convinced you're the sole reason they fucked up so badly.


Gaming is more exciting when you are competing with your friends. However, it’s hard playing with other players on League of Legends if they are low-ranked. This is where buying a smurf account comes in handy. Whenever you want to play with your friends, you can easily switch from your high-ranked account to your smurf account.

Over the last couple of days, a few players have been experiencing a bug where the play button is greyed out in their League of Legends client. This can be very frustrating - because what's worse than starting the game client only to find out you can't play it? So to help those of you afflicted with this issue, I tried to find a solution.

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Just restart your client (or your computer) and an auto-update should begin on its own. But on the off chance that it doesn't, you can always download the newest version of the client directly from the League of Legends website.


April Fool’s Day is a great time to trick and prank friends and foes alike. From TPing houses to whoopie cushions to the old fake emergency, today is a great opportunity for some (light-hearted) fun at other’s expense.

League of Legends Waiting in Queue Fix

Senna, The Redeemer, will make her way to League of Legends: Wild Rift as part of the 2/3 update. Since she was a child, Senna was haunted by the Black Mist, leading her to become a Sentinel of Light to fight the very thing that had cursed her life. However, she was killed by the wraith Thresh. Eventually, she returned, though she was not the same. Now, she wields both the dark and the light, hoping to end the Black Mist once and for all.


League of Legends currently has 155 champions available to play. Each champion fills a different niche, and while you might enjoy one-tricking or picking a certain champion, it might not be the best tactic if you want to improve your win rate. We analyzed the champions with the highest win.

ClutchPoints Riot Games rolls back Clash games for Turkish League of Legends server Comments Feed

Riot Games has announced the five cities that will play host to the 2021 League of Legends World Championship later this year. The event, which will be held across China this fall, will be held in Shanghai, Qingdao, Wuhan, Chengdu, and Shenzhen. Worlds 2021 will culminate with the event’s grand.


This is another rule of the thumb that you need to take note of when you’re trying to buy a smurf account. If the seller’s or a website’s payment options seems odd and you’re not familiar with it. You should find some other websites instead.

Splash art for the legendary Project Vayne in League of Legends, a futuristic bodysuit in purple shades

League of Legends Patch 11/13 is coming soon, scheduled to arrive June 23. With this Patch ready to go live soon, there are some things that players are definitely hoping for in this brand new update. Patch 11/12 brought about the long-anticipated Dr. Mundo rework, and following that, players might be wondering where Riot Games will turn their eye to now. Here's 5 things that players might want for Patch 11/13.


EDIT 3: After reading some of your comments i realize the title may be misleading. I repeat, I don't wanna blame the game, this is my fault and my responsibility.

Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.10.0 brings bug fixes and Pool Party cosmetics

It is always good to have a smurf account as back up; this will reduce the shock you feel if your main account gets blocked. Various reasons could get your League of Legends (try this website) account blocked or banned and when there is no assurance that Riot Games will reactivate your account.

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How League of Legends changed my life

To avoid experiencing this, try to ask and find out from the seller how long it will it take for the account to be handed over to you. The best thing to do is buy from reputable websites like GooseSmurfs.com. It’s guaranteed that your account will be immediately sent to you as they pay excellent attention to their services.


League of Legends (read more here) or also known as LoL is a multiplayer online game developed by Riot Games. It’s one of the most popular game in e-sports in the world at the moment. It has 100 million active players every month. League of Legends is thought to be inspired by its predecessors, Defense of the Ancient and Warcraft.

Also, be wary of a seller that wants you to send money directly into a foreign or unfamiliar bank account instead of paying through a secured mode of payment. It will be hard for you to get your money back if payment methods aren’t secured and verified.


Taking a look at that page now, we see that servers are running just fine. So it seems this isn't the real issue.

Speaking of emotes, another fantastic prank is to just spam your emotes during the game. Extra points (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=1545) if the emotes make absolutely no sense (like the dabbing Pengu after missing a cannon).