If you like to play Facebook mafia then you will love this mafia wars cheats. This script will auto help you to do friends jobs, gets free boosts. It can also helps your friends in mafia wars declared wars. It can collect special bonus items and rewards from your Facebook wall. Now You don’t have to go through all the posts made by your mafia wars friends.

  • Contemplate for Scripts 1.2.2
  • ComicCMS for Scripts 0.1.7b
  • Use of Scripts and Bots
  • Mafia Wars Script Bank
  • Socialize Stats Script 1.0
  • MCG Guestbook Script 1.1
  • Zoom Image Script 2.0

These points are replenished every five minutes (one point that is) to the current maximum defined by the player's stats. This means that the Mafia Wars player has to log in regularly to spend the points to avoid losing points as points are not longer gained once the maximum has been reached.


Once configured correctly, the Mafia Wars Autoplay script will take care of the rest and the player's presence is no longer required. It can for instance run all night or day so that all points are spend and none wasted.

This plugin let you create your customized twitter followers, Facebook fans and FeedBurner RSS subscribers counters. It creates widget or let you display these counters as raw text anywhere in your template or post/page content.


Email Grabber is powered by CGI and perl modules which is useful for people who want to extract emails from any location. It does functions online locally upto universally and lists the collected email addresses with the text file on a new window.

If you are talking about mafia wars auto player then try to update the script from mafiawars autoplayer forum


Mafia Wars Script Killer

A script for the Amazon associates program. Setup a fully stocked online store with detailed product information and consumer reviews to match any website theme. Quick, easy and fully customisable. Include details about a single product in any.

This script will auto help you to do friends jobs, gets free boosts. It can also helps your friends in mafia wars declared wars. It can collect special bonus items and rewards from your Facebook wall. Now You don’t have to go through all the posts made by your mafia wars (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=1831) friends. Find out more here Mafia Wars Auto Help cheat.


EasyMake is a cross-platform, language and compiler neutral build system,that automatically keeps track of dependencies and provide platform independent commands for common install/uninstall tasks. The default implementation is for C/C++.

Mods - Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

Copyright Auto-update Script is a multi-platform compatible script that will keep your copyright current dymanically. Updating pages really bytes, so here's a quick tip to let your server do this for you. It is so simple you will wonder why you are here reading this.


This is one of the most demanded modules for especially dating websites and web portals. User can login to AOL directly from your website and then his AOL Contact List will be displayed with a checkbox in front of every email address. Where he can select either one or more email addresses and on submission automatically an Elegant HTML email is sent to all the selected.

Certain items must be acquired to enter new areas, and the difficulty of the monsters in these areas should reflect the player’s current level. The final boss, however, is of the same level of difficulty as in v2/0 but still not impossible (in fact, quite easy with enough Bane Bombs, Ice Bombs, Red Essences and Power Blasts). Some item rewards have been switched around and/or changed as a way to sustain a balanced level of difficulty. A couple of items were added to the town shop, and two bugs I noticed in v2/0 were fixed: you can no longer run away from the green/blue wigglers, and you cannot skip the radish by jumping over it using a flashing dog as a platform. This hack also includes tile and solidity mods in the main town area for the three locked doors.


Travel Booking Script 1.0.4

Acc Autos 5/0 is a professional solution for a car sales website. Although you need only ten minutes to install, it is both easy to use and rich in the features you need. The right choice for your business! Keep it simple, keep it productive, keep.

Social Networking is an evergreen niche on the internet and it has the potential to attract millions of visitors easily. Many have been asking us to bring a Social Networking script deal like Facebook. We found the products from this team.


This module is FeedAPI addon that adds ability to grab attached files from feeds. Grabber files are saved as node attachment using core Upload module. Module is plug and play and it has no settings or configuration page.

The old man was last seen in Lost Heaven. But who could be responsible for such an.


Indigo Rose's AutoPlay Media Studio is the industry standard for creating professional interactive CD-ROM AutoPlay and AutoRun menu systems. This new version adds brand new possibilities, such as CD business cards, training systems, electronic brochures and full featured multimedia applications and presentations. While it has always been hugely popular with CD-ROM AutoRun / AutoPlay content producers, this new version enables the creation of.

Auto Gallery is a rich,professional,flexible and friendly car classifieds scripts for Car Dealers and Users. Create a vehicle classified listings directory that allows your visitors to add their own vehicles for sale.


Mario Puzo (screenplay), Francis Ford Coppola (script) | The godfather of “Don” Vito Corleone is the head of the Corleone crime family in New York City. He’s at your daughter’s wedding. Michael, Vito’s youngest son and decorated WWII Marine, is also present at the wedding. Michael does not seem interested in being part of the family business. Vito is a powerful and kind man to all who respect him, but he is ruthless to those who do not respect him. But when a powerful and treacherous rival wants to sell drugs and needs Don Corleone’s influence to do so, Vito refuses. There is a clash between Vito’s old values and new ways that could induce Michael to do what he was most reluctant to do and wage a mafia war (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=7014) against all the other mafia families that might separate the Corleone family.

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5 Firefox users need to install the Greasemonkey add-on first and then the Mafia Wars Autoplay script 51%
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Katana Script V. 0.5.0

Software Zone is A script for selling your softwares or allowing others to sell their softwares in the store. You can add software categories, edit and delete them from the admin panel. Add softwares, screen shots and description from the admin.


InstaQuote PHP Script is an online, instant quote generator. When a surfer visits your site, he/she will be given questions to answer. The answers to those questions allow the generation of an instant quote on the next page.

Yipit clone script Grabber is a reliable and contemporary script from the baskets of innovation of Script (check my reference) replica. Fetches the best online deals from leading group deals sites and places them in a single place.

  • This game is not some easy game like mafia wars etc
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The Titanic Mod brings people at one of the most detailed and accurate free 3D recreations of the Titanic ever made. It puts the player in a whole new.


Mafia Wars Script Inventory

This advanced PHP script is designed to be a webmaster tool for your PHP template web site. It uses a MySQL database to track web site visitors online from the last 15 minutes. You can see what pages they click on. It has features like IP address.

This is an LDAP browser implemented in a single PHP script. It provides a logical and meaningful visualization of LDAP data and performs ldap searches.


Lost Heaven MP is unofficial modification for Mafia (you can try this out): The City of Lost Heaven. It allows you to play with other players, walking in the streets and shooting.

Mafia Wars Cheats Scripts

If you have installed an old version you don't need to uninstall it before installing the new one. Categories, contacts' data and configuration will not be lost, but general configuration parameters will be reset to default values.


Ufuse Drugdealer Script Mod v1.1

Simple and easy for modification, PHP script for SMS sending through HTTP with you own Sender ID and delivery reports. You just have to type your account information and upload file on server.