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It seems that mailing lists offer real advantages, and that some projects could benefit from making the switch

Most fledgling open source projects use Github or Gitlab to collaborate on code. However there’s an older method that developers ought to know about because it offers some advantages.

Github hosts a git server, a bug tracker, a wiki, as well as release artifacts. Participation in discussions or code changes requires a Github identity. Code changes are proposed by making another Github-hosted project (a “fork”), modifying a remote branch, and using the GUI to open a pull request from your branch to the original. Project members debate the change in comments, with subsequent changes pushed as commits to the pull request branch. Ultimately a project owner can decide to merge the commits.


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Isn’t the whole email list concept a bit of a hack for turning a protocol designed for small-group communication into a behemoth? After all, NNTP is made for threaded large group discussion.

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There are probably commercially hosted listservs for rent, or you can host your own. Probably the best ones for self-hosting are GNU Mailman or Mlmmj. There’s also a service called The Mail Archive which can add an archive to any list. Might also be worth looking into public-inbox which is a new approach that shares a mailbox itself over Git. Git to hold the mailing list to talk about git – inception!


Remember that all emails have a Message-ID header, this isn’t something special having to do with mailing lists. If you want to reply to a message that’s not imported in your mail client, you need to include the email header In-Reply-To: <message-id> or the thread will be split, regardless of the subject line you use.

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Postgres, on the other hand, wants patches attached as type text/x-patch, with disposition: inline for tiny patches and disposition: attachment for substantial ones. And in both cases including a unique filename for the patch in the Content-Disposition. Also different reviewers prefer different patch formats, like Tom Lane will only accept context diffs, but other people want unified diffs.

The OpenBSD project still happily uses mailing lists with CVS

One more source of unfamiliarity is that many people, especially younger devs, have never seen a real mail client like mutt. In their minds they may picture an overflowing GMail inbox full of top posted replies all mixed together from different projects.


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A final note about unfamiliarity. Beware that offline users can be misunderstood in today’s connected age. It can look silly to write an email while offline, only to have it queue, send, and arrive after another better response renders yours unnecessary.


Using email also decouples digital identity from the accounts on a site like Github, and ultimately places that trust in the DNS system managed by an international organization, ICANN. For more about this, see my article Returning to the Original Social Network. PGP provides a further guarantee of identity, verified through a decentralized web of trust. See my recording of Neal Walfield’s talk An Advanced Intro to GnuPG.

The biggest difficulty with mailing lists seems to be simply setting them up

KDE 3 program which allows to send personlized mass emails, circulars, bulk emails. It provides an easy interface to access the KDE adressbook or to import CVS Files and send the emails via kmail.


A big difficulty for mailing lists is sharing the global state of email threads. Not the content of the messages, obviously, but the decisions that require action. Individual contributors can flag messages for action in their mail clients, but this status remains private for each individual. It’s helpful to record publicly that a patch has been accepted for future application, or that a previously reported bug was fixed.

For projects that do want a bug tracker, one good contender is Debbugs from the Debian project. It provides an email interface to manipulate the bugs and can be used for projects other than Debian.


Conversations over email have a greater permanence and reference value than Github comments. On Github, comments continually change. They become “outdated” and disappear when attached to a line that has been changed. Same for the commits, which vanish after a force-push to the pull request branch. In an email thread, by contrast, the original messages and proposed changes remain for comparison with later messages and patches.

The bulk of communication around a new feature is in its proposal, not around the subsequent code. A contributor proposes the feature, justifies it, and confirms the scope before writing any code. The community responds, and often by the time anyone implements anything, the idea has shifted significantly from the start of the process.


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Maintainers need to host the mailing list and optionally a patch status app and a bug tracker

The Github web UI has a limited model of threading, where there is one thread for the pull request as a whole, and other threads attached to single changed lines of code. The UI shows a few lines of code for context around the line chosen for discussion, but the full chunk of code under discussion must be inferred.


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I hope that I’ve given mailing lists a fair comparison with today’s more common web interfaces. It seems that mailing lists offer real advantages, and that some projects could benefit from making the switch. The biggest difficulty with mailing lists seems to be simply setting them up. Perhaps if there was a deployable server image including necessary software and configuration, that would help boost adoption.


Email sub-threads allow specialized discussion about different aspects or sections of the code. A linear Github-style discussion would mix those conversations.

Other bug systems work by adding files or objects into the project git repo itself. Thus fixing a bug on a branch could mean deleting the bug from the repo along with the other changes on that branch. Like email, this preserves offline access to bug information. Probably one of the best is Bugs Everywhere. Another pretty clean one is simply called bug.


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A mailing list maintains a list of subscribers who receive all messages sent to a “reflector” email address. A project must host its own version control server elsewhere. Code changes are proposed by sending an email to the reflector, with a textual diff of the changes either attached or inline. List members debate the change with email replies, sending subsequent changes as more diffs, either to replace or amend the original. Ultimately a project committer can decide to apply the patch(es) to the codebase.

But even before crafting these little RFC-821 gems you have to go through a dance every time you want to subscribe to a list, confirming your address and adding a folder and filter to the mail client. It’s not like jotting a note in the issues of another Github repo, unless the mailing list is “open” meaning accepts mail from non-registered addresses. Most lists are “closed” because of spam. Such is the price we pay for basing identity on the DNS system and not on a corporate collaborative coding site profile.


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When you browse a Github project you know exactly how it works. Sure, the addons/CI/hooks may differ, and setting up the project might involve some contortions, but the process of browsing code, finding known bugs, and submitting changes is always the same. This is most definitely not true for projects with their own web presence and mailing lists.

Really, what’s the future of Github (or any profit-driven yet free code hosting service)? History provides the example of SourceForge, the premier code collaboration platform at the turn of the century. After acquisition by dice.com, and in a last-ditch effort to grab some more money, SourceForge hijacked hosted projects so that their installers would include adware and spyware.


NNTP has slightly worse offline characteristics though. While email allows the Reply-All trick to keep things limping along during a list outage, replies through NNTP have to route through a central server. Also identity verification needs to happen on the server, whereas email can delegate to SPF/DKIM/DMARC. There are also a greater number of clients for email than NNTP, and clients that continue to be supported.

The mailing list approach raises quite a few questions and difficulties. I’ve done my best to try to acknowledge them and suggest possible solutions.


Sometimes it’s useful to restrict the general purpose nature of email messages. For instance bug reports should follow a certain format and include details about the environment. Github offers issue templates; what’s the equivalent for email?

SendinBlue mailer is an automated mass mailing software which provides different email templates and a drag and drop functionality. It helps draft personalized content such as adding your contact’s name at the start of the email. SendinBlue segments customer data based on variety of filters such as geographical location, gender, age and more.


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The alternative method is the developer mailing list. It arose in the late eighties to early nineties, and predates the popularity of the web browser. But far from being a mere historical curiosity, the discussion list is still the primary method of development in many important open source projects, from databases to operating systems to web browsers.

For the other side, the uptime of the mailing list server, mail sent to an offline server will eventually go through. Mail transfer agents along the email chain are designed to retry transmissions. In addition, developer lists recommend that users “Reply All” to messages so that everyone involved in a thread as well as the list reflector address get the message. That way even if the reflector is offline, your email can go through to those most recently involved.


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I’d advise creating a general purpose listserv for your personal use, which can run lists for all your small projects. Then create project pages off your homepage or something. I just can’t see taking the overhead to spin up new infrastructure for a dinky experimental open source utility.

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This is most definitely not true for projects with their own web presence and mailing lists

Github can legally delete projects or users with or without cause. This makes sense of course, since the projects are using computers owned by Github. Also, while not explicitly prohibiting development of competing projects like BitKeeper did, Github can still view the private source code of all companies who choose to host with them.

The way this works is with the Message-ID header. Every email has one, and they are part of how replies work.

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But what about messages sent before you joined the list? Furthermore, how do you “link” to old messages from newer ones?

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