Someone sugested to run only 12 clients. And after turning off 6 clients kicks dissepeared.

  • Wall hack on P-server
  • In Metin2 you have to collect Dragon Coins, it is everything about the amount of of Dragon Coins you possess
  • When all is done, relaunch Metin2 and all Dragon Coins requested will be there
  • Server kick out on Any dungeon
  • Metin2 hack injects Dragon Coins into your account without leaving a trace

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In addition, i did not run play button. This problem is tried without proxy also i tried with proxy.


Dead Download Link ] Vanilla Core 2.4.1

I've been playing metin2 (https://dybdoska.ru/content/uploads/files/download/1-hit-kill-kick-hack-metin2.zip) turkey. M2bob latest version of the problem.

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Nexus2 - Reborn From The Ashes - 20 December

I've tried to change the IP and even another device (a cloud server) still the same problem. Also it doesn't have anything to do with the settings / channel / number of accounts connected / which accounts are connected / isp, nothing bascially.

Moin leute, habe hier ein kleines Tutorial geschrieben wie man Funktionen auf seinen eigenen Code umleitet mit WriteProcessMemory. Ihr solltet jedoch schon wissen wie man WriteProcessMemory verwendet. Als Beispiel habe ich das Spiel Counterstrikegenommen und Whitewalls gemacht.