For a more competitive mind the natural reaction could be winning as much as possible at the start to have a better chance during te race on a good clasification. And on challenging tracks like Moscow Raceway the start is more difficult and thus inevitably leads to accidents especially when it's a full field. If you like me regularly start at the last third of the grid, you notice the harmonica effect (don't no if this the right expression in English). Which certainly in midfield can lead to opportunities which aren't really there.

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RaceSimCentral Raceroom Client Now Available Comments Feed

I saw some talk of this a while back but was it ever fixed or is there even a possible fix? The glowing parts on several cars.


RaceRoom June 2021 Update

Added support for in-gameplay overlays, allowing for custom HUD widgets using web. See github.com/sector3studios/webhud for full details.

Raceroom Client Now Available

To Teddie, I have that original F1 world track 2021 somewhere in my track archives. Glad to see ACF is improving it. Subscribed to his channel.


Track links for rFactor

We don’t really joke around with that. If you get caught, then that’s it.

In order to respect the true specs of these cars, we had to sacrifice the balance of performance between those two classes. This means that the BMW M3 E30, present in both, will eventually be present in two different flavours. More on that will come from Alex himself when we’re closer to release of these.


Even though cam angles & positions may look-alike to the vast audience, these are not. In most instances, all cameras have been.

RaceRoom Racing Experience Update

Doesn't matter now anyway as the DTM no longer visits Brands. They're too busy chasing money in China now.


GTR2 and rFactor Fans

Related to Ranked Multiplayer, the dedicated server now features a Scheduling assistant. The feature was developed as part of our development roadmap towards fully automated multiplayer racing series with matchmaking, but we’re making it public for all the league administrators out there who will surely find the feature useful to plan their dedicated server spawns ahead of time.

We’re almost ready to deliver some pretty solid sound improvements. The update will make the cockpit atmosphere feel so alive, you’ll wonder how you could ever like it before. Word from the beta testers was they can hardly force themselves to drive with the old sounds now that they have had a taste of what’s to come. Expect those improvements to ship with our next update, along with the Audi and BMW DTM 2021 cars. In the meantime, I’ll try and make some preview videos.


Added email validation to competition launch. We no longer require e-mail for a player account but a valid e-mail is required for competitions.

Fixed an issue where player was sometimes able to change fuel when fuel usage was off. Player car will now always use default fuel amount if fuel usage is off.


Sector3 Studios have presented us with a new RaceRoom June 2021 update! This new update contains the usual bug fixes and improvements for the title. In addition there are a host of visual tweaks and welcome support for Fanatec’s ClubSport V3 pedal vibration feature!

Added support for Fanatec pedal vibration. Players who have a Fanatec pedal set with vibration can tweak these via the controller file.


Nürburgring – Minor updates to update the track to 2021 specs. Some curbs, runoffs refinements.

In the first several races I entered I invariably bumped into the rear of someone in those ubiquitous first turn bottlenecks so I decided to slow down and lay back just a little, giving some room between myself and the cars in front so that I had room to brake properly. That has allowed me to eliminate hitting people but now I find that one of two things usually happen. Either other drivers squeeze into the gap in front of me, sometimes clipping my front and causing me to crash, or I get hit in the rear, presumably because I'm not going as fast as the people behind me expect me to be going. So, I'm either the hitter or the hittee, but either way I seem to get knocked out in the first lap of nearly every race I do.


The sub-optimal aspect of this feature is that we haven’t had the opportunity to re-design the car setup menu yet. Therefore you’ll find the buttons for it have been crammed in there. The way this menu is laid out at the moment didn’t really allow for a clear presentation of asymmetric pressure settings. You’ll have to pay close attention that you’re adjusting the correct tyre. We want to re-design this menu altogether whenever we have time.

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Today we are pushing a RaceRoom update. The update has a heavy focus on AI improvements but you will also find very welcome updates to some tracks, further improving their accuracy, as well as a brand new layout for the freshly renamed DEKRA Lausitzring. Oh, and by the way, we’re also using this update to prepare RaceRoom for an upcoming new track release.

Hockenheim – Updated to 2021 specs. Mostly means walls were moved closer to the track before turn 12 (Mobil 1 Kurve), but many details were updated like curbs, runoffs and environment assets such as the Porsche Experience center.


If you have watched or streamed a multiplayer race with your game client started as spectator, you are probably familiar with the fact that the overlays showing are done via web. We are adding a transparent web page on top of the game and we make it show whatever feels relevant at the time.

Added a new setting to dedicated server called “Non Ready Pitlane Start Delay”. If set to 0, players that failed to press race before garage phase ends, gets put on the grid as normal. If set to any other value, the player starts from the pits as penalty and cannot drive until that value in seconds has passed.


A Ranked Multiplayer tab has been added on your player profile page. It centralizes all your ranked racing history and progression graphs.

Norisring would offer a street circuit that R3E doesn't yet have. Again, if we are getting a classic DTM pack then perhaps it will come via that route.


I ain't no track builder, but I'd be glad to do testing and give feedback. I drove a quick lap there and seemed like a decent starting point for a track. Is there anything in particular that you need feedback about?

Note: What’s displayed on the monitor is a cropped copy of the left eye render for the VR headset. The crop avoids including the eye’s hidden area mask and maintains the monitor window’s aspect ratio.


This Week Inside Sim Racing – 01.14.2021

We are reviewing the code deep down, making changes such as damaging your powetrain if the impact affects a powered wheel. Also, the more worn your tyres, the bigger risk of getting punctures from collisions with other cars, from driving on dirt, gravel or grass, but also from driving over pieces of sharp carbon fiber left on the track by your fellow racers. For that, we’ll also have a caution flag warning to signal the presence of debris.

Any chance i could get that link as well? Spent the entire night looking for it on discord. Tons of cool skin packs to go with it.


Since RaceRoom is free to play, It’s usually on free content lobbies and free competitions that you’ll find cheaters before they get detected and banned. People with purchases don’t really tend to cheat at all due to the fear of losing their accounts for good.

This not only has an effect on the grip and wear but will also induce some vibrations depending on the size and depth of the spot. Flat spots usually get worse over time as you will find that the affected tyre will lock up even more easily, eventually leading to a puncture.


The same as what Gilles75 converted? I have Gilles track but does not have the night lighting that ACF does.