We prefer I/O ports to be gold plated to avoid corrosion and most of the ports on the Nitro V aren’t, however, the audio jack is, which is a good thing to have since a corrosion on the audio jack becomes easily noticeable when you plug something in. Also, the SD card reader slot didn’t come with a cover in our review unit. We’re unaware if the retail unit comes with one.

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The wiper fluid tubes have disconnected, the headlights are dim. It really may be the worst vehicle I've ever owned.


The distance from the front of the gas tank to the garbage can opening is approximately four feet depending on how it is measured making it impossible to see the bilge area in front of the gas tank. I again asked the technicians if there was a theory about the cause of the standing water in the amidships bilge area. I was told that there had been no progress and that they (the service department) were awaiting instructions from Engineering. At this time, the boat had been at TBS over a month. I observed and photographed the overall condition of the boat, the decks, all carpeting, all storage bunks and cabinets, instrumentation, above and below decks, hull and bilge areas.

The Broadwell U versions of the Acer V 15 Nitro will be available in stores around the world by late February – early March and the configurations will range from 800 to 1300 euro over here. That should translate in somewhere between $800 to $1300 in the US.


Speed Boat Race -

Arcade and Career are the two main game modes, and they're both playable with up to four players. Arcade is basically just an exhibition mode that features a variety of different gameplay modes, most of which are featured in the numerous races in Career mode. It is a bit limited, though, as you can only choose from 12 of the 30+ cars, and it is a bit clumsy to set up.

Acer Nitro V AN515-51 lid angle

The best part of this game is undeniable the car physics simulation. It's so realistic, and innovative! Other games need to learn from The best part of this game is undeniable the car physics simulation. It's so realistic, and innovative! Other games need to learn from this.


This lack of population removes the thrill of weaving in and out of traffic, and the ability to take down an unwary opponent with a well timed nudge into an oncoming vehicle. One of the major moments that the series has been hanging its hat on in recent years, evading the police, is also much less likely to happen here. There just aren’t many black and whites about in this town.

I still like the last one the best in the entire series, although too bad it glitches occasionally. With Nitro they got the engine solid as a rock, and it feels really fast which is great.


Arcade mode is a welcome counterpoint to the monotony of Career mode. There are 22 tracks (all circuit events) that you can race in with up to four players wirelessly, in both single-card play modes and multicard play modes. The customization options also help to keep things interesting. As in the Wii version of the game, you can use an in-game editor to change the way your car looks, including colours, stickers, and tags. The tagging is the most fun to play with -you can pick from the many tags available (from sports themes all the way to fairies) or you can customize your favourite. You can then slap the tag onto the roof, side, or bonnet of the car and be on your way. When you take the lead in a race, you'll notice the track and surrounding city change to reflect the colours and tag you've picked, which is a quirky and fun way to give you more incentive to stay ahead. You'll gradually unlock more tags and customization upgrades for your cars as you play, which keeps you coming back to the in-game editor.

I hope this current matter resolves itself quickly as in the past. I have been diligent in maintaining the craft despite its internal handicap. I would prefer to tell others that Tracker stands behind their promise of quality and service, rather than the opposite. I would buy another Tracker boat when the time comes. However, I can only do that if I am assured that customer satisfaction and standing behind the product it is still a top priority for Tracker. As of 1/5/16, no response from corporate.


I trust I have clarified my concerns, and adequately explained the situation with this craft and my reasons for not wanting it back in my possession. I believe that there is adequate research and literature on the matters of mold and mildew contamination that support caution in this matter. Even major industry and health leaders including OSHA, the EPA and the CDC have taken a firmer and more cautionary stance on previously-relied-upon methods in eradicating mold and mildew-related problems. I admit that at this time I have researched very little on the effects of standing water in the bilge area of fiberglass boats. However, I have read enough to believe that my concerns are warranted given the size of this boat, its horsepower ratings, and performance capabilities. I realize that boats are designed to keep out water and even to hold water at times.

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My car currently has over 350, 000 miles on it all original parts. The air condition is starting to go out. But is reliable and drives very smoothly. Has a good mpg avg of 22. The interior is comfy but not very roomy. Overall a few good car ready for anything.

Vooks Need for Speed: Nitro Review Comments Feed

The courses themselves look very nice when you’re racing along at high speeds, just don’t slow down too much—the textures can get a bit grainy, but then again you aren’t supposed to stop and admire them at length. The cars are the real stars of the show and are all rendered beautifully. Their glossy specular highlighting gives them an almost cel-shaded appearance. The sound effects are a tad stale in comparison, but a healthy selection of licensed music fleshes out the audio portion. You can even scroll through the music tracks at will during a race. As an added bonus NFS Nitro is compatible with the DS ruble pack, a feature you don’t see too often.


Online options total a mighty goose egg; a glaring omission considering its two biggest contenders on the platform (Excitebots and Mario Kart) have significant online options. Locally, up to four players can race in any of the game's modes. Luckily, you don't need to unlock cars or cities in Career mode in order to race them in Quickplay, so four players are able to jump right in and go crazy; while this is good for those who just want to race with friends, you can't help but feel that the time invested in Career mode is all for nothing. Career mode can be played with four players and is the only way to access anything other than typical races, like Elimination or Drag. Having another player or three, however, can help numb the grinding feel.

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In a mixed 802/11g/b environment, throughput is about double that of 802/11b networks. The maximum throughput can exceed 10 Mbps.


Not happy with the plastics on side of seat. They keep having to be replaced because they break.

There are three modes in the game: Race Now, Career, and Multiplayer. Race Now is exactly what it sounds like: pick a mode, pick a track, and head out in the car of your choice. Most of the options will be locked as you first begin playing. Playing through the Career mode will slowly unlock tracks, modes, and cars for you to use in the other modes.


As for the rest of the package, Nitro does a nice job of blending arcade racing with a casual-friendly experience. Multiplayer is fun, even allowing knocked out racers to join back in as police officers, and despite all of the control oddities there's still an undeniably entertaining feel to the entire Nitro experience. Boost starts rock, being able to engage double nitro with a second flick of the Wii Remote is awesome, and the visuals push Wii to an impressive extent, mixing in 60 FPS with a nice overall style. Levels feel a little too tiny, and more than five regions is absolutely essential for a sequel, but Nitro lays some great groundwork.

The race types salvage that issue a bit, though. Outside of the straightforward race, there are also Elimination races where the last place racer is eliminated every 30 seconds; Drift Challenges, where you have to drift a certain amount in a race and get to the finish; Acceleration Challenges, where you have to speed up and shift gears with precision while avoiding other cars, and more.


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I should also add that this laptop is fairly compact and light for a full-size machine with a 15 incher. It does not play in the same league as the premium 15 incher, like the Dell XPS 15 or the Asus Zenbook NX500, but it’s almost there, as it weighs just under 5 lbs and is less than an inch thick.

Not everything is great about The Run, though. Every now and then Jack has to get out of his car, usually because it’s upside down. This is where The Run turns into the bastard child of Daley Thompson’s Decathlon and GTA, with button-mashy QTEs where Jack has to avoid the police to endure before you can get racing again.


After three weeks, I called TBS. They were still baffled as to why water was trapped in the bilge area. I was told they had never seen this problem before. I was informed that they had contacted the Warranty Department and that Tracker Engineering was also aware of the issue. Finally, that they were waiting to hear back from these departments on how to diagnose and fix this matter.

Very roomy and rides comfortably. Has good power and accelerates good. Has a lot of good features like towing package, power windows, tilt wheel, power door locks, CD player with AUX and phone capabilities. Comes with 17 inch alloy wheels.


Acer bundles the laptop with a 90W power brick that charges the battery completely in just under 3 hours. The brick is paired with very long cables, so you shouldn’t have any problem getting the needed juice even if you’re a bit further away from the wall.

These problems were encountered each spring after the boat was stored for the winter and they were encountered to a lesser degree during the summer season when the boat was used, dried out, and recovered for periods of time. I also mentioned that I had brought this matter to the attention of the technicians at TBS when it was in there for electrical problems which could not be explained being such a new boat. I was told each time by various persons in the TBS that the corrosion and related electrical problems were common when being exposed to excessive moisture for a long period of time.


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I like the color of my vehicle and that it is a Dodge. Dodges are usually dependable vehicles except I do not like the space there is any room for comfort leg space.

One facet where Need for Speed excels is in its options. There are multiple parts for the different vehicles to unlock and install, lending an a light loot cycle to the proceedings. The tuning of each vehicle with which to fiddle also adds some depth. While not to the level of a Gran Turismo, there are enough options here to allow some great min/maxing strategies for different vehicles. While the stable of vehicles is smaller compared to other titles of its ilk, there is enough variety to pick out a few favorites and tune them for different types of events. Finally, there are numerous ways to cosmetically personalize each vehicle. The plethora of available decals can be added in layers, giving the ability to make some unique creations.


Acer Nitro V AN515-51 heatsink

The varied customization options help to save the game from total repetitiveness. You spend a good chunk of time playing around with the designs -even though the cars are rated in terms of speed, acceleration, handling, strength, and drift, you can make only aesthetic changes to them. You can choose from dozens of colours and stickers, or customize your own. Placing them on the car is simply a matter of pointing the Wii Remote on the spot where you want them to go. Different brushes can be unlocked throughout gameplay, so those who believe strongly in their artistic abilities can also free-form paint all over their car if they so wish. But the best part of the whole process is a quirky design concept that works brilliantly for this type of game: you have the option to customize how the trackside buildings appear when you're racing. Again, you can pick from dozens of graffiti designs and stickers, which will first appear on the showroom walls so you can get a feel for what you've picked. During the race, your designs will appear on the buildings around you, but only when you take the lead -a sort of triumphant tribute to your personal style.

After a few poorly received ports, EA went back to the drawing board with Need for Speed (top article): Nitro. Developed by EA Montreal, Nitro (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=6378) is made specifically for the Wii, with a unique art style that takes advantage of the system's strengths, tons of control options, and some solid split-screen multiplayer. It is arguably the most arcade-like a Need for Speed game has ever been. But it doesn't go full force into the world of arcade racing, making it a weird mix of the two racing genres that is still the best entry in the series on Nintendo's latest console.


I called Chuck from the Warranty Department the same day and was informed that he was still waiting for Engineering to get back to him. I expressed my concern about how long the boat had been at TBS, and shared that my concern was now irritation with the process but that I would wait a bit longer for an answer. However, after hanging up with Chuck, I decided to take a trip to the TBS to examine the boat. I called the same morning, 11/20/15, to inform the technicians that I would be there on 11/21/15 in the morning to see the boat. I do not remember who I talked to but was informed that the boat had been in a service bay all day drying out in preparation for shrink-wrapping, and would be available for my examination.

In closing, I wish to state that prior to taking the boat to the Tracker Boat Service department on 10/15/15, that I had been completely satisfied with that shop's work and response to my service needs. Aside from the problems encountered and the required repairs, I have been quite satisfied and even impressed with the quality of the craft and its performance. It has made my time on the water all that more enjoyable. It has even made time on land enjoyable - answering questions and receiving compliments about the boat, and having encouraged others to consider a Tracker or Nitro if they are in the market. It is no wonder that Tracker continues to hold a BBB rating of A+.


Need for speed underground 2 nitro hack

The fan inside spins fast under load and can get a bit noisy as well (47-48dB at 50 cm from the laptop, with my iPhone app). But as long as you don’t push the laptop too much, nor the noise or the temperatures are going to pose any problems. In fact, with light load the fan will turn OFF completely and the only thing you’ll hear is the mechanical hard-drive’s occasional rumbling.

For those looking for a more traditional racer, the inclusion of GameCube and Classic Controller support is also implemented, though it needs a controller map option. I picked up my trusty, dusty GCN controller only to find that accelerate was locked to R, with brake on L. If I could have mapped those to A and B, I would have been a very happy camper. Instead, I opted to go with nunchuk/Wii-mote instead, which mixes nitro flicking with analog steering.


On the street, Nitro is a grab-bag of both good and bad for its first run. The starting spin-out system is a great way to kick off races, the nitro system is great, and the options for control are pretty robust.

Moving on to the exhaust vents for the heatsink, we find a fairly common high-density fin structure. The two fan system will certainly help with faster heat dissipation.


Interestingly, the cars are not recreated as exact replicas, but feature a more stylised look which makes them look rather cartoonish. The game also features a mixed bag of racing tracks with designs which range from above-average to poor. Some of the tracks are just plain boring and the cityscapes and environments are often bland and generic.

Like in some previous Need for Speed games on the DS, the steering control is assigned to the D pad

The Career mode, on the other hand, is a lot better. It's split up into five cities ranging from Cairo to Singapore, and a final Grand Prix. Each city has a Top Racer, but the game never does anything other than introduce each one in a stylish introduction to the venue. There are three different cups, and the main difference between them is that you use different cars; the Bronze Cup features Class C cars, the Silver Cup features Class B cars, and the Gold Cup features Class A cars. At the outset, only the Bronze Cup is unlocked, and you must triumph through that before you can move on to the later cups. Unfortunately, there are only two or three different tracks per city, so you repeat them a lot, especially as you go through the Silver and Gold cups.


Let's get this out of the way: this is not a pretty game, nor is it a consistent one. But when the game is good, it's really good; and this goodness comes from the fact that realism completely takes the back seat to unbridled, purely ridiculous fun. You'll be doing triple-backflips over cop cars, racing across roller coasters, and blasting through cars so quickly that they explode — sometimes all in a single race. It doesn't quite reach Excitebots levels of craziness (you won't be throwing pies at floating clown heads, unfortunately), but it's a still a welcome change of pace for a series that some not too long ago feared was getting closer and closer to being a total racing sim and nothing more.

Acer went for a 52/5 Wh battery on this machine, which is of course encased, but can be easily removed and replaced once you gain access to the internals. On the other hand, if you’re one of those persons who disconnects the battery when having the device plugged in, you won’t be able to do it in this case.


The hinge appears to be heavy duty with three screws to secure it on either end. The webcam I/O and display FRC cables are routed through either hinge with the FRC being rolled up to provide durability. Openly kept FRC often tends to crinkle and tear over years of usage and rolling it up and putting it within a sheath will certainly help. We noticed next to no wobbling of the display panel when opened up, so that speaks for the quality of the hinge. We can’t say what will happen in the long run but this is one of the better ones we’ve seen.

Acer Nitro V AN515-51 speakers

There’s no type of DisplayPort, which means you’ll have problems driving a 4K monitor properly from this laptop, but that aside, you’ve got all the ports you’d need. Oh, there’s also a card-reader on the front lip, btw, covered by a protective plastic cap (doesn’t fit flush an SD card).


In summary, my concerns begin with the documented service record of this boat and the expenses incurred to maintain it despite having been under warranty for two years. I have spent a considerable amount of my personal time maintaining, cleaning, washing and sanitizing the craft while being hampered by an unknown problem and a hazardous condition. I have employed other services to address and repair moisture-related damage to the boat's cover; this started within one year of owning it despite the fact that I do not trailer the craft with the cover on it except for short, non-highway speed travels. I have had interruption of boating activities and vacation time because of other electrical problems. I have had to endure the intangible and immeasurable matters of my time, frustration, aggravation, and dissatisfaction with the craft's seemingly unexplainable ailments.

The game offers single-cart and multi-cart multiplayer. I was unable to test the multi-cart multiplayer, but the single-cart multiplayer offers you a single race per connection, without any real options to speak of. Functionally, it works, but the frills are nonexistent.


Acer Nitro V AN515-51 Anvil benchmark

The art style is the first thing you'll notice in Nitro, and it's an overly cartoony style with exaggerated cars, characters, and locales. It is silky smooth and aesthetically pleasing, with a pretty amazing sense of speed that is emboldened by the consistent framerate. One of the cool graphical touches is the graffiti that you can customize for each car; whoever is in first place will paint the areas it passes, which makes the drive for first place even more powerful.

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While the AI population is less than expected, this would, in theory, be made up for by the fact that this title must be played online. When booting up the game, players must log into the server. With the fact that this title was available for preview for EA Access members, it made testing this portion much easier. During play, there always seemed to be about three other players populating the same instance. They can be warped to at any time using the map function. The idea is that there should always be other folks logged in and down for a race. In actuality, this led to many a race request to be ignored.


The feel of the cars demands praise too, as each handles and performs in a realistic way. Sporty hatchbacks are nimble and quick to accelerate but definitely lack the sense of speed (find) of an Aston Martin or Pagani Zonda Cinque. The game would have you think that you need (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=2235) to change cars all the time depending on the race type: if you’re on a freeway the implication is that you should stop in a gas station (the game’s garage mechanism) to swap from an exotic (European) car to a muscle car. We didn’t find this to be true, sticking with an Audi R8 until we were forced to change to a Porsche 911 GT2. We loved the speed (see this) and precise handling of the Porsche that we felt no need to swap it until we were forced to change again by the storyline.

Acer Nitro 5 AN515-45 2021 review

Artistically, the game feels bright and colorful. Many of the courses feel similar, however, and aside from a course where you are driving on the tracks of a roller coaster, they don't seem particularly creative. There are graffiti tags that each car identifies with, and you can color the world even further by collecting these as you drive, but they don't serve any real purpose aside from acting as a collectable.


There is a dark stain line of discoloration approximately halfway up the inside of the hull in the amidships area. The white hull material is discolored below the line and has little evidence of the aforementioned black mold. This is likely due to the fact that standing water disallowed its growth in this area. However, in the same amidships area, black mold is apparent and abundant above this line of discoloration, but is not present in the stern hull and bilge area because these areas were not subject to continuous standing water – they did drain out completely. The aforementioned discoloration and separating dark line are not as evident in the stern bilge, but mold is prevalent throughout the stern hull area, and it covers all surfaces to some degree or another.

It is very comfortable to drive on short visits to shop or long driving vacations. The seats are very adjustable for my height. It has been a very reliable truck.


Going some way to making up for the offensive character design, there is plenty of value for money in the overall package. Lots of different challenges, modes and unlockables, as well as a seriously in-depth car customisation mode really add an extended life to the game. Each of the modes can be played by up to four players at the same time, including the career mode, which is a nice touch and really emphasises the inclusive nature of the host console. Sadly, there is no online mode to add to the experience as this is something that would have been great considering the depth of the car customisation mode.

Chuck stated that he had not yet talked to the TBS. I informed him of the events, activities, and discoveries I made in visiting TBS on the previous Saturday. I was clear that I had photographed the majority of the boat, specifically the inside hull and bilge areas under both decks as well as any other obvious areas of concern to me.


Connectivity wise, there’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4/0 and Gigabit Lan on this V 15 Nitro. Not much to comment on the latter two, but I do have to add a few words on the first. Acer went for an Atheros module that only supports up to 802/11N speeds and as long as you’re close to your router, you’ll have nothing to complain about signal strength and download speeds. However, once I got a bit further away from the router (about 30 feet – 10 m with 2 walls in between, the place where I test all the laptops), the signal dropped to only 2 bars in Windows and I could only get transfer speeds of up to 40 mbps. That wasn’t bad enough to influence my browsing experience in any noticeable way, but if you have dodgy Wireless signal in your home, this is something you must be aware of.

Need for speed world review hack

The bow deck, forward storage and side rod compartments are covered in carpet inside and out. Despite using Damp-Rid tubs and bags each fall before closing the boat; these areas have had a fine, greenish-white mildew or mold on them each spring when the boat is uncovered. The mold exudes a fetid, stagnant odor until it is scrubbed clean. It is not present now as it is the end of the boating season. The most significant pictures taken clearly show a plug in the drain pipe. One of these pictures was sent to the service technician, Adam's cell phone. This picture clearly indicates that the drain tube under the gas tank, which exits toward the bow, is/was plugged.


Track variety does leave something to be desired. The five cities each have a handful of circuits (including those for all of the different types of challenges) so it would seem like there's a whole lot of content here. Unfortunately, the circuits are all very similar, which makes them blend together after a certain point. There aren't a lot of stand-out moments, and if it weren't for the slight change in architecture, you'd never know you're racing somewhere new.

There’s no dearth of intake vents on the bottom as we can see in the image below and the exhaust is towards the rear. In either case, this is a better approach to some of the other configurations that we’ve seen wherein the exhaust flows out via the sides and smacks you on your hands. Towards the lower end of the image you can see two sets of vents for the speakers, so we’re either looking at 2 or 4 speakers in total, we’ll see the actual configuration in a while. And lastly, the rubber feet are quite large to provide ample amount of grip and seem to be glued pretty well to the base.


Acer Nitro V AN515-51 Underside bottom

However, once you put a colorimeter on this screen (I’m using a Spyder4Elite), you’ll notice that the colors are a bit skewed. That’s hardly visible with the bare eye, but a calibration will really make a difference if you need an accurate panel, as you can see from the numbers below.

It is really disappointing to think that in this day and age, a company like Electronic Arts is incapable of designing characters that are original, positive and charming rather than generic, clichéd and offensive. If companies are not willing to invest some time and effort into developing characters that players can identify with, then they can hardly complain when players fail to feel any sort of connection to the games they produce.


Need for speed world hacks

Every moment of screen time she inhabits was an exercise in misery. The great news is that if the Hellraiser remake ever moves forward, Pinhead has a great acting coach available on how to make the audience squirm. Previous Need for Speed games used live action actors to tell a hilariously over-the-top, bombasticly nonsensical story with fantastically bad acting. With the reboot, taking the plot line back to a small, humble team of racers is a great idea.


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Last but not least, the laptop comes with a 720p webcam, placed on top of the screen, which produces very muddy pics. Will do for an occasional Skype call, but that’s about it.

The backside of the panel is supported by a layer of thick foam which aside from being sturdy also allows for a just about enough flex. There is no fancy illuminated logo on the back so we don’t see any extra wires running across the middle like we’ve seen with the Predator models.


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Screaming down the straightaway, the erstwhile Goatongue adjusted his grip on the wheel of his BMW. Though only minutes have passed, the battle for first was hard fought. He was so close to pulling ahead. His current rival was only meters ahead, expertly blocking every attempted pass. Still, riding in the slipstream, Goatongue saw his chance: a mephistophelean curve awaited.

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The car customisation mode is another of the very big positives, and while I can appreciate the depth and freedom on offer, spending hours making small adjustments to the cars is just not my thing. For those who are willing to explore it though, there is definitely plenty to enjoy.


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Like make the spare tire more accessible, better door handles, upgrade the face of the radio. Not that much I can complain about. Rarely have engine problems, or mechanical problems.

Acer Nitro V AN515-51 display panel

The racing itself is a somewhat disappointing affair. There is a very heavy emphasis on sliding around corners and boosting with the nitro, which is fun for a while, but ultimately does little more than make the cars feel far too unrealistic. If the gameplay was wrapped around a futuristic racing game, then maybe the handling and racing style wouldn’t feel so foreign but, as it stands, there is little about the game that is embedded in reality. Another issue lies in the way that almost immediately after the start of a race, the other cars on the road spread out across a huge distance. Because there are very few moments when there is more than one other car on the screen at the same time, it never quite feels like there is a whole field of other racers competing in the same event. The competitor AI is also quite limited and it is extremely easy to pass by other cars. Police chases are also something that feel tacked on without any real thought put into the implementation. As a staple of the Need for Speed series, being chased by the police should feel integral to the game but, in this case, the police are more of an annoyance than a core part of the experience. The action is fast though, and the challenges are varied enough that the gameplay is kept reasonably fresh throughout.


The customisation options somewhat make up for the slack, though. They're not staggeringly deep, but the amount found here is still pretty impressive for a downloadable game. Not only do you have just about every colour known to man available to paint your car with, but there are quite a few decals, logos and other stylistic touches to mess with as well. You can even create your own custom spray paint logo to plaster on the environment during races. There's some multiplayer thrown in for good measure as well, though it's unfortunately limited to local, multi-card play.

After years of owning this vehicle the only real issues I've had are the roof racks have cracked, they aren't the most aerodynamic, the side mirrors vibrate and the interior lights in the rear of the vehicle no longer work. Also the window mechanism on the rear passenger window had to be replaced, I've been told this was very common for this year.


Acer Nitro V AN515-51 QCNFA344A Wi-Fi

Need for Speed is one of the most successful racing game series of all time, and like with most long-running franchises, a face-lift now and again does some good. Need for Speed: Nitro is the first game in the series made exclusively for the Wii with a casual audience in mind. It's a lively arcade racer with a quirky design concept, and it dishes out plenty of exciting gameplay. Sadly, it's good only in short bursts: the lack of variety results in no more than a few hours of motivating gameplay.

You can choose the color of the body, highlighting and rims, the specific body graphics and their color, and even the tag you use during races. If you don’t like any of the preset graphics or tags you can create your own in a decently deep image editor. You get a total of 33 cars to unlock, from vintage Fords and Dodges to Corvettes, Porsches and even a VW bus. Each one has its own handling but there isn’t as much variation as I would’ve liked. It’s still a nice selection for a car fan, though.


The locations in Need for Speed: Nitro may not look great, but they sure have a lot of character

The Career mode is where the fun, light-hearted approach gets a little lost in the design. The game is split into six cities, all of which must be unlocked at the easiest difficulty before the medium difficulty is accessible. In the easiest difficulty, Bronze, each city has four races. This means you must complete 24 races on easy (and it is quite easy) before the game allows you to be challenged. Likewise, you must complete each city on medium, Silver, before hard, Gold, is unlocked. In Silver, each city has 5 races, so this is 30 races at Silver before Gold is playable. If you find Bronze and Silver too easy (which is likely, as I breezed through them without having to restart more than a few times) you must play 54 races before the game gets interesting. This is inexcusable, and really prevents the player from wanting to play the game for very long; we're talking a good 3 hours of gameplay before things really pick up and the challenge kicks in.

Since the conversation with Chuck on 11/23/15, I received one call from Adam at TBS. He stated that he was authorized to replace the center seat cushion of the boat, clean the boat, and shrink-wrap the craft. I informed him that I did not wish this service to be performed at this time because I had still not resolved the matter entirely with the Warranty Department. He said he understood and that he would re-cover the boat and return it to the storage yard until he had been instructed otherwise. A few days later I contacted TBS to request a copy of all service invoices on this craft. Adam handled this request in a reasonable amount of time. However, it is now 12/9/2021 and I have not received any response from the Warranty department or any other person representing Tracker boats – thus this letter.


I’ll update this section as soon as the final release models will become available. In the meantime you can follow this link for updated configurations and prices at the time you’re reading this post.

You probably noticed by now that Acer went for a full set of keys, including a NumPad area. The layout is pretty standard, with proper sized keys (15 x 15 mm), big Shift, Enter and Backspace keys, slightly smaller Function and NumPad keys at the top and right side and a slightly taller row of keys on the bottom. This particular layout does opt for somewhat cramped directional keys though, which will take some time to get used to.


In Circuit you complete a set number of laps while doing as many tricks as possible—the racer with the highest score wins. Knockout plays like a standard circuit race, except that at the start of every lap the racer in last place gets kicked from the running. Sprint plays out on special tracks organized in a straight shot—it’s a no-frills race to the finish, and again you must grab the highest score to win. Smash Countdown and Smash’em All work about the same; they both have you rampaging around an open course smashing objects, but in the former you smash as many objects as you can in the time limit, and in the latter you try to smash everything before times runs out.

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Bryce stated that the TBS was prepared to dry out the boat and shrink-wrap it. I thanked him for the call and specifically requested that the "dislodged plug" be saved for examination. However, I instructed him that I did not want them to perform the shrink-wrap on the boat given the circumstances. I also informed Bryce that I would be calling Chuck in the Warranty department. He said he would await a call from either of us before doing anything further to the boat.


We started off with CineBench R11/5 and R15 and the Acer Nitro V AN515-51 scored 8/13 and 733 in those benchmarks, respectively. WinRAR’s compression benchmark scored 7822 KB/s which is very similar to the MSI GE62 7RE that we’ve tested earlier.

Any time you transition from a mud terrain to a less aggressive tire, the amount of road noise generated at all speeds goes down. For us, the quiet ride of the hybrid terrain Ridge Grapplers was highly welcomed when we made the switch. To date, we’ve neither observed an increase nor a decrease in fuel economy, indicating no increase in rolling resistance as compared to the worn mud terrains they replaced. However, once we’re no longer running winter blend diesel we expect to see a slight uptick in fuel mileage (most likely ½ to 1 mpg better).


Need For Speed: Nitro feels in many cases like a lite version of Burnout, minus the crashes

I had decided that I would get pictures of the inside structure and design of the amidships hull and bilge area. I accomplished this simply by holding my cell phone in one hand, reaching down through the garbage can receptacle and taking pictures as I rotated the phone. In this manner, pictures taken would capture the condition of bilge area. I took several pictures with my own cell phone. I also took pictures of the stern bilge area and the inside of bow storage and rod locker bins.

Lastly, we have the battery pack which is rated for 3090 mAh which makes it 46 watt-hour at 17/2 volts. This happens to be pretty standard for all the laptops in this segment.


Acer Aspire V 15 Nitro VN7-571G review with Broadwell hardware

Adults will find it too simple to have any real staying power, but the too-old-for-Mario but too-young-for-Grand-Theft-Auto crowd will find it entertaining. If, that is, they can get over not having projectiles to fling at fellow racers.

It shows that this game is specifically made for the Wii and they try hard at making it look like a kid for the younger crowd. But basically it all just falls flat down on the ground with only a few things that make you want to play the game longer than 15 minutes.


EA have done a great job with this game. Definitely the best Need for Speed (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=3297) game on the Wii. The career and multiplayer are the best modesEA have done a great job with this game. Definitely the best Need for Speed (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=7927) game on the Wii. The career and multiplayer are the best modes I've played in the game. Also the soundtrack is great as well. I would recommend getting this game.

Speed X - The Revolution

Career mode is standard-fare: conquering races and events earns you stars and money that unlock more events and let you purchase better cars. Each of the five cities you race in has a designated Top Racer, but their presence is oddly never really felt outside of an intro video and a name in end-of-race rankings. In each city you're given free choice over which events you want to tackle and in what order, and each event can net you a different max amount of stars. Straight-up races can get you five stars if you nail the criteria (three stars for placement, one for besting the target lap time and one for earning a certain amount of Style Points, earned by drifting, boosting and Owning It) where time trials will reward a maximum of three. The actual racing is good old-fashioned fun and occasionally thrilling, but tends to end too soon as the finish line always seems to approach once things get good. Those up for a challenge will be pleasantly surprised; it may look casual and easy, but Nitro can get hard down the line. Time trials especially will drive you mad if you want that coveted third star.


That aside, there’s little to complain here. There’s a full-size keyboard and trackpad, a spacious palm-rest and plenty of ports on the sides. In fact, there’s even an optical drive (a Blu-Ray combo in our case), which occupies most of the left edge, alongside a Kensington Lock, while all the other IO elements are on the right edge: the headphone/mic jack, 3 USB 3/0 slots, HDMI output, a Lan port and the PSU. There are also two discrete LEDs here, one showing the laptop’s current state (active, stand-by, etc) and one showing the battery’s charging state, when the power tip is connected.

Unbeknownst to us at the time, our late October rendezvous with a set of Ridge Grapplers proved the perfect time to buy tires. In mid-November, the first snow of the ‘18/’19 winter season arrived ahead of schedule and we were able to see what the Ridge Grapplers could do in eight inches of a powdery mix. First, and because our F-350 is equipped with manual locking hubs up front, we wanted to see how well the Ridge Grapplers could propel our 7,300-pound Ford through the snow in two-wheel drive.


Single card download play only lets you race on a single track but it is a nice inclusion. The multiplayer doesn’t include online play, but it’s robust enough to be a decent substitute for the venerable Mario Kart when you want something different for local play.

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That, however, is about the only thing that's consistent about the game. While the actual races are addictive, Nitro-X is also littered with several other mini-challenges that simply aren't much fun to play. One frequent offender is the Smash-'em-all challenges, which force you to drive through a large arena and smash through a certain number of objects scattered throughout the stage. Another has you “tagging” the environment around the race track — like the Wii and DS versions of the game, you can collect items on the course that allow you to tag the surrounding environment with spray paint. This is actually a pretty fun, if inconsequential, addition to the traditional races, but the specialised challenges based around the mechanic are dull and repetitive. Variety is typically a rather welcome thing in video games, but here we can't help but wish they would have simply focused more on everything that makes the game fun. There's a ton of these side-challenges, and since they're actually necessary to unlock circuits and higher difficulty levels and generally progress through the game, their presence really throws off the overall pace.

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Perfectly reliable, comfortable ride, technological features. GPS built in with a touchscreen navigation, radio controls are very convenient.


Race The Traffic Nitro

Like many Acer laptops, the Nitro V AN515-51 we have features a BOE Hydis panel (NV156FHM-N43). In this case, it’s an a-Si panel so we’re assuming it to be of similar calibre as we’ve seen earlier. Spec-wise, this means it’ll have a 800:1 contrast ratio and a 30 ms (Tr+Td) response time. As for the backlight, this particular panel uses a WLED lamp. It should be noted that not all AN515-51 will come with the same panel, we’ve observed that Acer also uses Chi Mei panels in the same model.

Despite there being a large amount of gameplay types, most of them feel similar to each other, and because you have to play so many of them before you get to the more challenging stages, they tire quickly. The game controls well enough for them all to be enjoyable, but unless you really enjoy the gameplay, you'll be bored sooner rather than later.


First, the good parts: Acer went for a 15/6 inch IPS panel with a matte finishing and 1920 x 1080 px resolution. That means this is not a touchscreen, but also won’t have to deal with any glare or reflections in strong light. The panel offers solid contrast, decent brightness for indoor use and nice looking colors. The resolution is imo good enough for a mid-range 15 incher. Yes, you won’t get the increased sharpness of higher density displays, but you won’t have to live with their shortcomings either.

I love the four door compact SUV style. My car gets pretty good mileage city and especially on the highway. When the rear passenger seats are folded down you get good storage space. The for wheel drive is great for pulling through rough terrain and up hills. I have added a nice tow bar attachment recently which is convenient. There is not a lot of passenger space in the back. The sunroof is nice and helps to make up for the lack of space.


I like the look of it, size and design inside. One problem I've had is sensor issues and heat issues. I have flushed the radiator about 5 times and then it will be fine for a couple weeks and then clogs up again. The 4x4 works really good and haven't had an issue with it. So overall I like my vehicle but with a couple issues rate it at a 4.

In a 802/11g-only environment, throughput is usually 4-5 times that of a 802/11b network. The maximum throughput can exceed 24 Mbps.