First, unlock the Galaxy Note Pro 12/2 bootloader and flash the latest TWRP Recovery. Here we have mentioned all the requirements and download links to flash the Lineage OS 17/1 on Galaxy Note Pro 12/2.

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RM Update News Galaxy Device List: Samsung’s Four Years Security Patch Update Comments Feed

Samsung has released the details of the January 2021 security patch, which brings new security patches for Samsung devices. Additionally, the company has also updated the list of eligible Samsung devices for monthly and quarterly security updates.


For the rest of this comparison we're going to prop up the Galaxy Tab Pro 8/4 in portrait mode. Apparently that's how Samsung sees you using it, as it's the only one in this bunch with its navigation buttons positioned below the screen for portrait use.

Depending on your needs and wants, you can probably find a Samsung tablet that'll suit you. Pricing starts at the higher end, but with new models released every few months, you can probably find a good deal online.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tablet Repair

All four tablets run Android 4/4 KitKat with a thick layer of Samsung TouchWiz slapped on top. This time that includes the new Magazine UX, which puts Windows 8-like live tiles on your home screen.

Galaxy Device List: Samsung’s Four Years Security Patch Update

Samsung officially delivered a security patch in December 2021, a new firmware update that includes a software version for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8/0 with build number T295XXU3BUA5 based on Android 10, across Globe. Software updates are mainly for security and bug fixes and they will run your mobile phone or tablets smoothly. We highly recommend you update your software regularly whenever there is a new version is available.


The goodies don't stop here – you get Cisco WebEx Meetings for conferencing and Samsung e-Meetings for collaboration. The Ultimate User Content Gift Package, which Samsung values at $700, features pre-paid subscriptions for services and apps, including the Sketchbook Pro app, Dropbox and Bitcasa, Hancom Office, Evernote, other apps and a subscription for a number of news sites.

The update is a hefty one, weighing in at 1,140MB on my unlocked S21 Ultra. The changelog lists improvements to overall performance and stability, but only time will tell if there's a noticeable difference. The patch has been spotted in India and the UK so far, with other regions soon to follow.


The Surface Pro 3 is 14 percent taller, 18 percent wider and 38 percent thicker than the Galaxy Tab S 10/5. The Surface's size is going to work well for laptop mode, but it's also going to make for one enormous tablet.

A Samsung tablet from 2021 gets the latest Android security patch

Follow these steps to edit the existing account. In the process, select the checkbox Use private key to login to this account instead of password (shown in the below screenshot) to authorize remote connections using SSH keys instead of account credentials.


Dropped tablet. screen not cracked but colorful lines on the screen

NoteTab 7 is packed with time-saving productivity tools that no other text or HTML editor has. Try it now and discover what NoteTab can do for you!

So Hurry up and download Patch T295XXU3BUA5 for Galaxy Tab A 8/0 in December 2021. For the installation process, you can follow the below link.


Navigate to the Resources tab and click the resource name. In the Account Details pop-up window, select the required account.

Neither method is efficient, especially when you have tons of pictures or videos. To make things easy, you can try TunesGo, a program that works on many Samsung Tab devices including Galaxy Tab S2, Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy Tab 4, Galaxy Tap Pro, Galaxy Note Pro, Galaxy Note (see page) and so on.


The April security update has also been released for a few other Galaxy devices, which you can find below. As always, we'll keep this article updated as more phones and tablets are updated.

The system will be mounted already Uncheck it & Remount system and vendor manually. Then flash Gapps zip file as well.


Enable USB debugging on the Samsung Galaxy Tab which lets the device establish a stable connection with computer via USB. You can do it by following the below mentioned path. In latest versions of Android, the Enable Debugging option will be hidden in depth of settings panel. You can follow our guide to enable USB debugging.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro received its last software update to Android 4/2 JellyBean. Samsung has officially stopped software updates for Galaxy Tab Pro as it is been years since the device release date. If you are an user of Galaxy Tab Pro, need not worry. You can still update Galaxy Tab Pro 12/2 to Android 7/1 Nougat through LineageOS ROM.


Is a stylus worth an extra $100? Of course the cheap piece of plastic known as the S Pen isn't, but perhaps you'll decide that the software-based perks of using a stylus are.

The iPad Pro features a True Depth front-facing camera for 3D face scanning and user authentication. The Galaxy Tab S7 lineup, on the other hand, features a fingerprint reader. A fingerprint reader is easier and faster to use, and you can even allow your family members to register their fingerprints if you’re planning to use the Galaxy Tab S7 as a common tablet in your home.


In the pop-up form that appears, enter the details such as Key Comment, Key Type and Key Length. Click Deploy to save the changes. The newly created key will be associated with the selected account.

Hands-ons with the Note Pro

Google has officially unveiled the latest version of Android OS called Android 10. The update is already going live for Pixel series devices. It brings plenty of new features to the device system like system UI, new gesture navigation, improved privacy and location control. The update also offers enhanced app permissions, foldable display support, security features, system-wide dark mode, etc.


Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Qualcomm LTE SM-P905

The Galaxy S5's fingerprint scanner is showing its face again on the Tab S. It isn't quite as convenient as Apple's Touch ID, requiring you to swipe your finger across the home button (rather than just touching it). But it does still let you quickly and easily unlock your passcode-protected tablet.

Two new tablets, the Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note (continue) Pro, were shown on a billboard posted this evening at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Both devices are expected to be unveiled at the company's press conference tomorrow afternoon, but are already being plastered to the side of the building where most of CES is taking place. The billboards don't show off much in the way of features, short of what looks like a refreshed user interface with a series of tiles similar to Windows 8 or Flipboard, but it could just be an app.


To simply launch SSH connections using SSH Keys, PKI authentication need not be enabled

Samsung began to push a new One UI update for Galaxy Note (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=7447) 10 Plus, Galaxy Note (moved here) 9, and Galaxy Tab S6 LTE. The new update brings the Android January 2021 security patch update, Some Galaxy devices have already received the update, check here.

Gallery: Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro hands-on 10 Photos

Android 10 is Google’s 10th version of Android OS with plenty of new features and system UI changes. Google doesn’t come with any dessert item name for the new Android version this time and that’s a good move. If you’re new to the Android ecosystem, it’s worth mentioning that Android is an Open Source Project (AOSP) by Google. With the new released Android 10 source code, the Lineage team has started working on Lineage OS 17/1 for all the supported device.


Galaxy tab pro nougat

TWRP Recovery on Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

There's little point in buying any Surface without also throwing in one of Microsoft's detachable keyboards. Though it isn't as integral a part of the Galaxy Tab S, Samsung is trying to play the faux laptop game as well, releasing its own Bluetooth keyboard cover for its new tablet.


The biggest Galaxy Tab Pro will come with 3GB of built-in RAM, versus just 2GB in its smaller siblings, but otherwise the devices share the spec sheet. From cameras (8MP on the rear, 2MP up front) to the launch OS (Android KitKat, thank you), troubled tablet buyers really just have to plump for their favorite size. It's also worth mentioning that the 8-inch Tab Pro is vertically oriented, which makes sense - it felt more comfortable holding it that way. This smaller screen, with the same resolution as the others, meant it was pin sharp and helped make it our early favorite of the trio.

This is a Custom ROM and may contain some of the bugs or stability issues. We can’t recommend you to use this firmware as your daily driver.


This is the big differentiator between the Note Pro and the Tab Pro 12/2. You get Samsung's famous S Pen (familiar from other Galaxy Note (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=5502) phablets and tablets) and all of the stylus-based software tweaks that go along with it.

Your device now boots up running Android 7/1 Nougat. You have successfully Updated Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12/2 to Android 7/1 Nougat LineageOS ROM. If you face any issues while following the above guide, do let us know through the comments section.


Ample Sound ABP II 2.6.5 macOS incl R2R Win Keygen

Disclaimer: Rooting/Unlocking/Installing custom ROMs and Kernels are not official methods. So, neither device manufacturer nor Droid Word team is responsible if anything goes wrong with your device during the process. This article is only for educational purpose. You can continue with the implementation at your own risk.

Surprisingly, the Galaxy Tab Pro 8/4 keeps the high 2,560 x 1,600 resolution for its smaller Super Clear LCD screen. The chipset options were cut down, but luckily it was the Exynos 5 Octa chipset that was cut – the Snapdragon 800 with LTE connectivity is the better choice anyway.


The Galaxy Tab Pro 10/1" has a 10/1" Super Clear LCD with 2,560 x 1,600 resolution. It's smaller and lighter than the 12/2" obviously, but the only other differences in specs are 2GB RAM, 16/32GB storage (the microSD card slot is still available) and a slightly smaller battery (8,220mAh, same as Galaxy Note (full article) 10/1 2021).

The Tab S is the much cheaper device, again reflecting its mobile-first innards. The base US$800 Surface is one of the models that won't launch for another couple of months. If you want a Surface Pro 3 before then, you'll be ponying up at least $1,000 for the tablet – plus another $130 for a keyboard cover.


In the latest list, the most recently released Samsung Galaxy devices have now been added to its update schedule. While some of the devices have been demoted from their monthly security update cycles.

Going by the camera performance of the iPad Pro (2021), which uses the same rear-facing cameras, Apple’s tablets offer better wide-angle and ultrawide image quality as well as video recording. The wide-angle front-facing camera on the iPad Pro is better, too, and offers something called Center Stage, which keeps the subject in the center of the frame (through pan and zoom) during video calls even if they move around. One aspect that’s better on the Galaxy Tab S7 is that when it is placed in landscape mode, the front camera is in a perfect position and offers better framing when compared to the iPad Pro.

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We are sure that Samsung was hit with some surprises during Apple’s iPad Pro announcement, especially the processor and Thunderbolt 4 bits. The company definitely needs to think long and hard this year and do something to match Apple in terms of performance and ecosystem of apps and services. It can either make its own Exynos processor that is in Apple M1’s league in terms of performance or collaborate with Qualcomm to develop a custom chipset for its future tablets. For problems related to tablet-optimized apps, it can work with Google and popular third-party app developers to improve their apps for the larger screen and the S Pen.


With slim, solid construction, and pixel-packed screens, the zippy Galaxy Pro line lends itself more to play than work, but is highly capable of both. The 8/4-incher is a more attractive buy, taking residence as one of the few premium mid-size slates available, while the 10/1-inch model is eclipsed by better performing - and more affordable - large tablets.

It is vital to check device model number before rooting/unlocking/flashing process to ensure flashing compatible files on the device. The device model name should be Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12/2(SM-T900). If the device model number doesn’t match with mentioned one, do not attempt the tutorial.

Update Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 to Android 7.1 Nougat through LineageOS ROM
1 Lineage OS 17 Android 10 - Download, Install & Review 69%
2 Download Pictures/Videos from Samsung Tab to Computer 48%
3 Download Photos, Videos from Galaxy Tab to Computer 7%
4 Update Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 to Android 7.1 Nougat via AOKP ROM 100%
5 Android 7.1 Nougat ROM 47%
7 Droid Word Update Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 to Android 7.1 Nougat LineageOS ROM Comments Feed 50%

There are only two brands that make good high-end tablets: Apple and Samsung. Samsung’s latest high-end tablets—Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+—are considered the best in the Android ecosystem as they have excellent screens, build quality, performance, software experience, and battery life. However, they can’t be viewed in a vacuum. Apple’s recently launched iPad Pro lineup offers massive improvements in performance and connectivity, and the company is already known for its tablet ecosystem and longer software support.


The long-awaited Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S2 just passed through the FCC with a Verizon branding. The tablet appeared a week ago in Bluetooth SIG documents so we could be closer to seeing it, perhaps at the Mobile World Congress at the end of the month.

What do you think about Samsung’s tablets in general and the recently announced iPad Pro lineup from Apple? Can Samsung match Apple later this year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


Samsung is the top Android smartphones maker company in all over the world. As we know that security is most important for smartphones. The company announced that Galaxy devices will now receive security updates for at least four years.

Samsung promises at least four years of security updates for Galaxies from 2021 on

The two 12-inchers give you much more screen real estate than the other two, but is all that screen necessary? For the majority of customers, we imagine the 10/1-in screen will be more than enough space. It will be interesting to see if many shoppers respond to these humongo-tablets.


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Samsung’s Four Years Security Update Device List

Now, these are security updates and not major OS updates, mind. Samsung recently promised 3 generations of Android OS updates for its flagships, but that is a separate thing altogether.


The DeX Mode is a savior for Samsung’s tablets, featuring a PC-like desktop, a taskbar, and the ability to run full-screen apps in the landscape mode. Plus, it allows you to run a web browser with a multi-tab layout, similar to PCs. Two apps can be opened side-by-side, complete with drag-and-drop functionality for moving files. However, it has the same problem that the Android tablet ecosystem does when it comes to app support. Not all apps work well in the DeX mode. For example, payment apps like Google Pay have issues related to security and don’t function properly.

Are you sure you completed all the above steps? Yes, you can now get started with the Android 7/1 Nougat installation process.


It looks like we have the same cameras in all four tablets as well. The 8-megapixel resolutions on their rear cameras are higher than most competing tablets.

All the tablets are compatible with wired (via USB C) and wireless (via Bluetooth) keyboards and mice. The Galaxy Tab S7 and the Galaxy Tab S7+ feel more like PCs, offering users a more known experience when using keyboards and mice. The iPad Pro can connect to compatible TVs and displays wirelessly via AirPlay 2 for screen mirroring and media streaming, while the Galaxy Tab S7 lineup can connect to any Chromecast or Miracast-compatible TVs for wireless screen mirroring. For media streaming, it can use Chromecast or Tap Share (for Samsung TVs).


The company announced that Galaxy devices will now receive security updates for at least four years

Samsung's Multi Window feature makes its Galaxy tablets some of the few mobile-first tablets with side-by-side multitasking. But of course a desktop OS like Windows has no problem with that either.

The Tab Pro 10/1 matches its biggest rival, the iPad Air, at $500. And go figure, the Tab Pro 8/4 matches its biggest rival, the iPad mini with Retina Display, at $400.