HP WinRunner Automation Tool was owned by Mercury Interactive. When HP acquired Mercury Interactive, they stopped Winrunner support and suggested to use the HP Functional Testing software.

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Embedded control sys- tems far outnumber PCs, and they’re multiplying faster than AOL disks. Occasion- ally they do fail, sometimes with catastrophic results. In 1 996, an Ariane 5 rocket ex- ploded after a program tried to stuff a 64-bit value into a 1 6-bit variable. In 1 991, an Iraqi Scud missile killed 28 Americans when a comput- er’s clock drift prevented a Patriot missile battery from tracking the target accurate- ly. In 1 986 and 1 987, three cancer patients died when a pair of Therac-25 radiation- therapy machines acciden- tally blasted them with lethal doses of radiation. But those kinds of failures make news precisely be- cause they’re rare. Millions of vehicles and other devices work flawlessly, day after day. What makes embedded sys- tems so reliable? Experts cite three factors: Reliability is a high priority; developers try to keep em- bedded systems as simple as possible; and developers and customers alike resist making extensive changes to smoothly running systems. IBM was the prime con- tractor for many of the soft- ware systems on the Space Shuttle. It took eight years to write the first programs, says Dr. Barry Feigenbaum, senior software engineer for IBM network-computing solu- tions.


It’s easy to write a C/C++ program that has no error handling at all. In Java, if a class has a method that might throw an exception, a Java program must check for the exception, or it simply won’t compile. Of course, you can still write sloppy er- ror-handling code in Java, but Java at least ensures that some error trapping will be there. Java also requires an ex- plicit cast if a variable type conversion might lose pre- cision. In C/C++, you can coerce a 64-bit double-pre- cision floating-point value into a 32-bit single-precision floating-point variable with- out realizing it. Java requires an explicit cast, so you’re at least aware that a precision error might result. This might seem like a small thing, but an Ariane 5 rocket exploded after liftoff in 1 996 when a similar type mismatch caused an overflow that confused the inertial guidance system. Perhaps the most contro- versial of Java’s safety fea- tures is its single-inheritance model, as opposed to the multiple inheritance of C++. Classes can inherit methods from only one parent class, not from multiple parents. Java’s designers believed this would reduce complex- ity and yield a cleaner class hierarchy. C++ devotees insist on multiple inheritance.

Cover Story Two of the biggest culprits are DLLs on Windows PCs and extensions on Macs. DLLs are code libraries that different pro- grams can share. Extensions are programs that hook into the Mac OS during boot- up to modify the system’s behavior or aug- ment the capabilities of an application. Both types of components inflict ridicu- lous amounts of aggravation. One common problem occurs when a software installer dumbly replaces a new- er version of a component with an older version. The newly installed application works fine, but an existing application might start crashing. Users aren’t sure whom to blame. Result: a series of frus- trating tech-support calls. Shouldn’t the installer merely check a component’s date stamp before replac- ing it? Alas, it’s not always that simple.


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In the Class list, select a class for the new virtual object. If rows are displayed in the window. For a table class, select the number of visible rows and columns.

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Some of our international readers may need a little explanation. If BYTE were run by the president, present or past, he’d promise subscribers that magazine prices would go down, advertisers that we’d write about their products only, the edi- torial staff that hours would be shorter and parties more frequent, and corporate bosses that expenses would decrease. How many lies can I pack into 650 words? On second thought, maybe I should concentrate on the real business of BYTE, bringing you the future of infor- mation technology today. This last year has seen a gradual in- crease in the readership of BYTE, as well as continued high renewals from sub- scribers. Apparently, most of you are find- ing the magazine more interesting and useful. This has not led us to compla- cency, however; we have aggressive plans to improve BYTE. Chief among them is a reinvigoration of BYTE’s test lab. In the recent past, we’ve had modest facilities buttressed by part- nerships with other labs. Since moving our headquarters from Peterborough, New Hampshire, to Lexington, Massa- chusetts, a year ago, we’ve been quietly preparing the BYTE Lab, an advanced testing facility.


Kaiser Permanente needed to supply its operational applications with up-to- the-minute membership information. This information resides in a DB2 data- base on an IBM mainframe, but it was nec- essary to get pertinent data into applica- tions handling patient appointment scheduling, electronic medical records, decision support, and laboratory, radiol- ogy, and pharmacy data. Sybase’s Repli- cation Server, Replication Agent for DB2, and Open Server made it possible to repli- cate this information to these applications in near real time. Every day, membership information changes on the company’s mainframe. This amounts to some 15,000 transactions a day and about 1 GB of information. Orig- inally, the IT staff queried the DB2 system to find out what data had changed. This required programming and took a lot of time. It also required the IT staff to time- stamp all the updated information. This resulted in inconsistencies and inaccura- cies in the information as it was copied to other applications. Now, as updates occur on the membership system, Sybase Repli- cation Agent for DB2 automatically cap- tures and sends them to a replication serv- ment system, while the electronic med- ical records system uses a MUMPS data- base with an EDI interface and an HL7 messaging system.

Leasing arranged by independent leasing companies to qualified commercial customers. Lease payments based on 36-month term. Lease terms subject to change without notice or obligation. Lotus Consolidates on Notes With new versions of Notes and Domino and other initiatives, Lotus aims to unify its groupware/messaging platform. I he battle for dominance of messaging/groupware ap- pears to be settling into a two- I company contest, with Microsoft and Lotus now holding a com- manding lead in total messaging seats. With forthcoming versions of its Domi- no groupware/messaging server and new Notes 5/0 client interface, IBM’s Lotus division hopes to gain momentum as it completes Notes’ transition from a proprietary environment to one that natively supports Web standards from client to server. Lotus is also moving on several fronts to migrate its customers to the Notes 5/0 interface and Domino 5/0 server platform, which are expected to be released in the second half of 1998. The new Notes interface incorporates the functionality of Lotus Mail, cc:Mail, Notes Mail, Notes Desktop, Organizer GS, and Weblicator into an integrated, standards-based Notes R5 client. And Lotus’s server platforms will consolidate around the Domino server. To entice the large installed base of cc:Mail users, the new Notes Mail envi- ronment adopts many familiar features, such as separate address headers, English- like mail rules, deferred delivery, signa- ture files, and a compressed lightweight names and address book with faster type- ahead addressing.


Automation Testing (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=5960): As its name specifies, it is an automated process where a tester uses automated codes/scripts or automated testing tool/application/framework to test the software. Concisely, it is an automated process for testing (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=4401) the functioning of the software.

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To develop a design-centric culture in your company, it is essential to identify the right leaders, who value design and can drive the culture of design thinking across your organization. It is imperative to form smaller collaborative units, with stakeholders from every department to involve in the product journey, right from the conceptualization stage. The leaders should be given the autonomy to experiment with ideas, define progressive goals, and to set the right design thinking approach, that will suit with the organizational dynamics.

You can accept the wizard’s suggestion or type in a different name. WinRunner checks that there are no other objects in the GUI map with the same name before confirming your choice.


Before the design process starts, the product team needs to define the product vision and create a product strategy. Before starting the product development, the designer should understand its purpose of existence.

Tape backup for the desktop is the province of the quarter-inch cartridge (QIC) family, which includes Travan tape drives. However, higher capacities and better performance of the latest Travan drives make them more suitable for backing up small to medium-size servers. Travan capacities of up to 4 GB native (8 GB compressed) for the NS8 format and 10 GB (20 GB compressed) for the new NS20 format enable you to back up a departmental server without changing tapes. NS8 and NS20 both sup- port read-while-write backup and hard- ware data compression for improved performance. Backup speeds of 7 GB per hour for NS20 drives should be typical. NS20 drives, from vendors such as Aiwa, Seagate, Tecmar, and others, are just now reaching the market, at prices of about $500. But pressure from 4mm DAT drives will continue to compress this market. The 4mm DAT format (12-GB native capacity for the DDS-3 format) is a cost- effective backup solution for network or multiuser systems or high-end worksta- tions. Its higher initial drive cost can be offset by lower media costs when a large number of tapes is used in a backup reg- imen. DAT is under pressure from Travan at the low end, 8mm in the midrange, and digital linear tape (DLT) at the high end, though there is some overlap.


I Base is focused on software research, development, staffing and implementation of open source technologies and product to support small/medium level industries to leverage software implementation and usage for reasonable cost. IBase is capable of implementing product as per compliance specific for all type of domains.

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Miniatures: Miniatures are smaller versions of the product that are usually made using 3D printing. They focus on both the display as well as the functional aspects of the product, however, they lack a lot of qualities that the final product might have.


Automation Tools like QTP, WinRunner (go to this web-site) & Loadrunner can be integrated with Quality Center. One can also create reports and graphs for Analysis and Tracking for Test (have a peek here) processes.

In this type, the tester takes over the role of an end-user and tests the software to identify any unexpected behavior or bug. There are different stages for manual testing such as unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and user acceptance testing.


Add-in License: WinRunner 8/0 includes the Activex controls, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic.Net, and Web test Add-ins. You can also purchase and install additional External Add-ins, if you use a seat license and install external add-ins, you must also install special add-in license on your computer. Then, click the Add-in License button to install your Add-in licenses on your computer.

Q #24) What is the difference between “set_window” and “win_activate”? When would you use “set_window” and when would you use “win_activate”?


Full text of BYTE Vol 23 06 1998 06 Win 98 Roadmap

When WinRunner learns the description of a GUI object, it does not learn all its properties. Instead, it learns the minimum number of properties to provide a unique identification of the object.

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By Rick Dobson Scriptlets Simplified ynamic HTML (DHTML) is Microsoft’s non-Java solu- tion for providing interactive, graphically rich Web pages. Scriptlets let you encapsulate DHTML, or even plain HTML, into components for reuse. For more information on scriptlets, see the feature in this issue, “Scriptlets to Energize Tour Site,” on page 96NA 1 (only in the North America edition). In this article, I will describe the scriptlets architecture and present two sample scriptlets to help get you started. Scriptlet Architecture The screen illustrates how a scriptlet appears in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4. First, it shows as a control (the green area in the window). Second, it does or shows something. In this case, clicking anywhere in either sentence highlights the entire sentence. Third, it can expose methods or properties to the host appli- cation. The two buttons in this example use JScript to invoke methods within the scriptlet. When building a scriptlet, you need to work with at least two files.


It is not possible to automate everything in a software. The areas at which a user can make transactions such as the login form or registration forms, any area where large number of users can access the software simultaneously should be automated.

21Labs Automation Testing Tool For Mobile: Hands-on Review


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The microkernel in QNX Software Systems’ embed- ded OS has not changed at all since 1 991, notes Greg Bergsma, corporate com- munications manager for QNX. The QNX OS is found in the monitoring equipment at nuclear power plants, medical-imaging devices, chemical-processing sys- tems, the Space Shuttle’s “Canadarm," and the Shut- tle’s new payload bay vision system. Some QNX systems have been running without a reboot for three years. QNX keeps the microker- nel small-just 10 KB-and it contains only 1 4 calls. Just the kernel and the interrupt- service routines run in ring 0 (x86 terminology for a su- pervisor, kernel, or executive mode). Everything else-the file system, device managers, network services, the option- al GUI, and other pieces of system software-runs as independent processes in separate partitions. One pro- cess is a “software watch- dog,” dedicated to handling memory violations. To minimize complexity, some embedded systems shun multithreaded code, which is thorny to debug. NASA almost lost control of the Mars Pathfinder last year when a thread-priority con- flict caused the lander’s com- puter to repeatedly reboot itself. Engineers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory traced the problem to a wrongly ini- tialized Boolean parameter in Wind River’s VxWorks OS. Luckily, they were able to up- load a patch; on-site service wasn’t an option.

Firmware is much more than the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) or the bootstrap. In more sophisticated applications, firmware can do way beyond just loading the code to get things started. Such applications can be designed to perform multiple parallel operations such as address routing, math coprocessing, timers, signal processing, power and reset sequencing, LED controls, and relay controls.


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Automation testing, which is also known as Test Automation, is when the tester writes scripts and uses another software to test the product. This process involves automation of a manual process. Automation Testing is used to re-run the test scenarios that were performed manually, quickly, and repeatedly.

The Intel Inside Logo and Pentium ae registered trademarks and MMX is a trademark of Intel Corporation. Microsoft, Window, Windows MT and the Windows logo ae regis tered trademarks o( Microsoft Corporation. Pnxkid names of Miron products ae trademarks or registered trademarks ol Micron Electronics, he. or NetfRME Systems Incorporated Other product names used in this piiifcatioo ae for identification puposes only and may be trademarks of (her respective companies SUPPORT IS ALWAYS BEING ABLE TO CALL FOR BACKUP. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU GET A DEDICATED SUPPORT TEAM. As an IT manager or administrator, you want reliable, high-performance PCs. You want a sales representative who knows about the product. Who’s fa miliar with your business and understands your networking needs. And you want fast, expert assistance and issue resolution that’s just a phone call away But most of all, you want your day to go smoothly Micron’s total- value proposition gives you what you want - and more. We’ve streamlined our entire purchase process to ensure your orders and service needs are expedited. We give you personal service from dedicated sales and technical support representatives assigned to your account.


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Information Architecture can be defined as the structure of an application, website or a product. It allows the end users to get an overview of where they are in the structure of things and where they can find the information that they are looking for, in relation to their current position. The aim of information architecture is to make the website or software or product more usable for the product by providing details about navigation, hierarchy, and categorizations.


The sy stem I/O bus is 128 bits wide — twice as wide as the bus on most of today’s CPUs. At a clock frequency of 100 MHz, the Power3’s system bus deliv- ers 1/6 GBps of peak bandwidth. Not stopping there, the Power3 also has a private bus for the Level 2 (L2) cache, similar to the L2 backside bus on a PowerPC 750, Pentium Pro, or Pen- tium II. But while Intel’s backside bus is 64 bits wide, the Power3’s bus is an in- credible 25 6 bits wide. At 200 MHz, that’s 6/4 GBps of peak bandwidth — or a grand total of 8 GBps of aggregate bandwidth when added to the capacity of the system I/O bus. Furthermore, all that bandwidth is available for data. Each bus uses sepa- rate address, data, and control lines in- stead of multiplexing the control signals and addresses with the data, as most other processors do. Those extra lines, not to mention the superwide buses, boost the pin count far beyond the limit of what would be prac- tical on a chip designed for mainstream PCs. The Power3 has 1088 pins, with 748 of them dedicated to signal I/O. Instead of cramming that many pads around the periphery of a die that’s 270 square mil- limeters, IBM manufactures the Power3 with its patented C4 “solder-bump” tech- nology, which distributes the pads all over the surface of the chip. The Power3’s system I/O bus can run at clock ratios of 1 :2, 1 :3, or 1 :4 with the core. The private L2 bus can run at ratios of 1:1, 1:2, or 1:3.

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Throwaway Prototypes: These prototypes are developed just with a purpose to represent what the actual product can do. Rather than becoming a part of the product, these prototypes are eventually discarded. Throwaway prototypes are also referred to as close-ended prototypes.


Design thinking approach requires long-term investment in infrastructure for design, training, and support across the company. To make it a driving force in the organization, proper training is required for everyone – by the way of in-person training, workshops or online courses.

The pace of change continues to accelerate. Yesterday, companies were networking their PCs and putting groupware solutions in place. Today, connectivity is moving beyond the corporate walls. Tomorrow, businesses may rise or fall on the strength of their computer linkages to key suppliers and customers. To survive in a world of rapid change— or, better yet, to exploit it for competitive advantage— the key is flexibility. Even if no one can predict precisely what tomorrow’s business computing solutions will look like, companies know they’ll need to adapt and deploy them quickly, without obsoleting their current infrastructure or impacting their current ability to solve problems. To maintain that flexibility as they expand into uncharted territory, many businesses are basing their computing infrastructure on the Intel Architecture (IA). By choosing clients and servers based on Intel’s Pentium® II, Pentium® Pro, and Pentium® processors with MMX"' technology, companies can build a robust, cohesive environment that provides power and consistency from the desktop to the data center. This common infrastructure, coupled with new Wired for Management technologies and a scalable network architecture, enables companies to deploy new capabilities quickly, yet preserve current solutions. Performance can be added where and when it’s needed, easily and cost effectively.


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Answer: Set_Window command sets the focus to the specified window. We use this command to set the focus to the required window before executing tests on a particular window.


Therefore, the speed of development is positively associated with the risks of software defects. Software defects affect shareholder values. They translate into undesirable business risks.

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Because now, we’ve added NFS Maestro Gateway, thinning the desktop for even greater administrative control and unrivaled ease of operation. Only one company gives you so many NFS solutions to choose from, Hummingbird, the world’s number one choice for PC-to-enterprise connectivity. So your choice is clear — NFS Maestro, the multiple choice solution for NFS. Contact us for an evaluation copy. As reviewed in: UNixei BackOffice NFS V3 Enhanced NIS Support Fast Resource Access Java Enabled Remote Configuration COMMUNICATIONS LTD. Natrificial’s Brain helps you organize your work the way you think, regardless of file locations and application boundaries. By Russell Kay Your Brain in Software I very new operating system brings a changed look and feel, interface, or desktop, I often different but no better than its predecessors. Now, a truly inter- esting new product for Windows en- hances but doesn’t replace your desktop. The Brain lets you create a graphical, hier- archically linked representation of files and documents; you model your work- space the way your mind works. The Brain starts with an on-screen box called the active thought, which you can link to other thoughts.


Say one of my ISPs goes down and I have two lines. Through BGP-4 routing, customers that are using my site might never know that my site went down, as they would be instantly routed over to the other ISP because the fabric of the Internet understands that that route is no longer available and would reroute through the alternative method. Imple- menting that distributed system with those technological requirements is a tremendous challenge. BYTE: To what extent do you build for the lowest common Web denominator? Whaley: If a new technology is sup- ported by 95 percent of the browsing population, we are comfortable making that technology part of a core require- ment of completing a reservation. If that technology is not supported by 95 per- cent of the browser population, then we may add that capability to our system, but it won’t be a fundamental requirement that you have that technology to com- plete a reservation on our system. The Number 1 requirement for our system for users is that it be easy to use, simple, fast, and that it gets them what they want with minimum hassles. Believe it or not, peo- ple are not that interested in having the latest technology — for example, Dynam- ic HTML — in the reservation process, because the additional facility that it gives people in attaining a reservation is not necessarily that perceptible. Our focus is on simplicity and ease of use, and not necessarily on incorporating the latest and greatest technologies. BYTE: What's your strategy for han- dling sudden spikes in traffic?

An embedded system can be defined as a combination of computer hardware and software, which is designed to carry out a specific set of functions within a larger system. As embedded systems are engineered to perform only a defined set of tasks, design engineers can optimize their size, reliability, power consumption, performance, and cost. These systems are produced on a broad scale and share functionalities across a range of applications and environments. Industry machines, medical equipment, household appliances, cameras, vending machines, wearables, and mobile devices are all examples of devices that use embedded systems.


Testing with WinRunner includes four main stages-

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In one file, select the objects you want to copy or move. Use the Shift key and/or Control key to select multiple objects. To select all objects in a GUI Map file, choose Edit > Select All.


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By Bob Breton Reliable Data Replication he average client/server site today runs 12 operating sys- tems, nine databases, and 17 development tools. Add to that the trend toward decentralized orga- nizations, the growth of data warehous- ing, plus new Web-centric applications, and it’s easy to see why data replication has become a strategic part of corporate operations. Business users expect full and easy access to corporate data when they need it; they want to be able to slice, dice, and examine it to their hearts’ content. MIS is charged with protecting the integrity of this invaluable corporate asset, while also ensuring the peak performance of oper- ational systems. What’s needed to satis- fy both audiences is a replication solution that enables current data to be placed where it’s needed, when it’s needed. One clear indication that you need to replicate data is the hue and cry from your end users. If that is not enough to con- vince you, there are several tell-tale business requirements and situations that indicate the need; these are summarized on the next page in the text box “You Need to Replicate Data When. Choosing a Replication Strategy There are a variety of ways to move data around the enterprise. Replication is a broad term that encompasses a variety of methods of data movement, including everything from simple, manual down- load/reload to automated, transaction- based methods. To determine how to best replicate your data, you first must clear- ly establish your requirements.

Record Button: Basically this button is used to start recording of manual operations on our application build. Hence it is an initial point to create an automation test script.


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It focuses more on the problem to find the best solution by keeping end user at the center of the process. This approach focuses more on the real needs of the user, rather than the perceived problems of the product teams.


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Or, it inserts them into a virtual log if a recov- ery log is not available. The replication agents use the log to automatically trans- mit only the required changes to the repli- cation server. The server in turn contin- ually propagates table updates to the replicated copies. This ensures the best possible consistency across the enterprise without diminishing performance. Remember: A critical issue in replicat- ing data is consistency. The replication server receives the operations and places them into an inbound queue. It then writes the transactions in commit order into out- bound queues for each active subscribing server. This store-and-forward mechanism insulates users from system or network failures. Since updates are distributed transactional ly, replicate sites are always consistent. For example, if a new customer is added and an invoice is created in the same transaction, the replicate site com- mits the transaction only after receiving both updates.


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Such brute-force ports created diverging copies of the source code, each with dif- ferent modifications for different ports. Fixing a bug or adding an enhancement required changes that had to be dupli- cated throughout the many copies. First, the source code from all the dif- ferent ports was mashed together in a brute-force way, with many conditional compilations. This put all the source code back into one set of files and one source tree. But this didn’t completely solve the problem; each time a new port was writ- ten, it required modifications to all the architecture-dependent portions of the source code. To solve this problem, a profile of each processor was created. This profile iden- tified each processor’s unique character- istics — such as memory-alignment re- quirements, byte ordering, and direction of stack growth — that mandate changes in the source code. Profiles also docu- ment interrupts and exception handling that must be dealt with. Eventually, Wind River ended up with about six different ports that supported a fairly large set of different processors. Porting Profiles Today at Wind River, we begin a port by filling out the profile for a specific processor.

PCs costing between $1500 and $1999 used to be prevalent in business. But thanks in large part to Intel’s pro- cessor price cuts, desktop systems priced between $1000 and $1499 made up 61 percent of sales by corporate resellers in November, up from 35 percent in November ’96, Cl reports. Intel’s release later this year of “Covington,” its first Pentium II CPU that specifically targets sub-$1000 PCs (see “Deschutes: Pentium II Breakout,” March Bits), will be an important milestone for many busi- nesses. Although AMD, Cyrix, and oth- ers already have low-cost chips, many corporate buyers do not embrace them. A recent survey by BYTE Research indi- cates that prospective PC buyers who are “very likely” to buy an alternative to Intel are more likely to do so for their home rather than for work (see page 32). IS managers are intrigued by less expensive PCs, but not without skepti- CartnerCroup Report Remote Access and the Internet A s remote access becomes an ever-greater priority for businesses, outsourced ser- vices are becoming more attractive to them. Since 1 995, GartnerGroup's total cost of ownership (TCO) models for remote access have shown that enterprises can save money by using external managed service providers (MSPs) to deliver remote connec- tions, network management, user support, security, and application hosting. MSPs include postal, telegraph, and telephone agencies (PTTs); value-added networks (VANs) and their providers; local exchange carriers; and Internet service providers (ISPs). They can all provide access from multiple locations over managed backbones. In 1 997, GartnerGroup’s 250-userTCO model forecasted that MSP operations costs are typically half those of services built with in-house equipment and staff.


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All information is exchanged through surfaces. A surface is an information object comprised of three components: a head- er, a content description that provides information on what types of content are available for transmission, and the content itself. JetSend enables devices to share information with each other through surface interaction. The sending device impresses part of its surface onto a surface of the receiving device. The parts of the surface that get impressed are the header and the content description. The receiv- ing device parses the impressed surface’s content description to determine which of the available data types is best for it to receive. The receiver then requests that specific content from the sender. This is the content negotiation phase. The Four Rules There are four basic rules to the JetSend architecture: RULE 1: Devices interact as peers. This means that devices cannot require inter- mediary computing devices for point-to- point interaction to occur; however, if intermediary computing devices exist, devices may take advantage of them.

The motive of prototyping a product is to validate the design of the final product. Based on this prototype, different observations will be made and numerous product variations will be discussed before starting the production.


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Finally, every automated test script program consists of navigational statements to operate build and checkpoints. To conduct required functional observation with respect to the corresponding manual functional test case. So, the scripting language tests script language for automating a manual test case. Because it is mercury interactive C-like Test scripting language. Therefore you create a test script by recording or programming TSL statements.


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Answer: Test (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=8652) Director is Mercury Interactive’s software Test Management Tool. It helps Quality Assurance personnel to plan and organize the testing process. With TestDirector, you can create a database of manual and automated tests (visit this link), build test cycles, run tests, and report and track defects.


The Solo 5100 is the first 266-MHz notebook I’ve seen. My gut impression: It’s a screamer. The BYTEmark clocks the Tillamook at 2/82 integer and 2/76 floating-point (for comparison, a 90-MHz Pentium = 1/0). Its 2-MB Chips & Tech- nologies 65555 PCI video chip might be a bit light for high-performance graph- ics, but overall this machine performs. What you gain over a ThinkPad 560- style system is an internal floppy or CD- ROM drive (with the machine on, you can swap the CD-ROM drive for the flop- py, but not vice versa — disappointing in a 1998 laptop), universal serial bus (USB) ports, NTSC or PAL video out, and better sound. The display captivates; you don’t need an external monitor for prolonged desktop use. That’s also the bad news; the screen is oversized for some plane seats. We’ll surely see other vendors try a 266- MHz system in this form factor. It’s said that such extreme thin-and-wide systems RATINGS TECHNOLOGY * ★ * * * IMPLEMENTATION ★ ★ ★ ★ PERFORMANCE ★ ★ ★ ★ appeal mostly to journalists; real people, it seems, want that CD-ROM built in. I expect the 5100 will attract business users. The 5 100’s keyboard is responsive but flexes disconcertingly.

Looking at the software end, designers need to understand the current design and get a clarity on what additional features are required to improve the end product. Based on the final list of features, they need to decide if the device requires an operating system. Next step is to decide if the system requires GPOS (General Purpose Operating System) or RTOS (Real Time Operating System), decide the bus structure, number of controllers/processors to implement parallel processing, memory, and connection to the server using internet or intranet.


To test (image source) any application, first you can run the application and understand its operation. Then, you can invoke WinRunner, again run the application and record the GUI operations. During the recording mode, WinRunner will capture all your actions, which button you pressed, where you clicked the mouse etc. You need to work with the application as usual and perform all the actions to be tested. Once the recording is completed, WinRunner generates a script in TSL (Test Script Language). You can run this test script generated by WinRunner to view the results. The test results will show whether the test has passed or failed.

Answer: Using the GUI Spy, you can view the properties of any GUI object on your desktop. You use the Spy pointer to point to an object, and the GUI Spy displays the properties and their values in the GUI Spy dialog box.


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Automation Tools (see this) like QTP, WinRunner (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=2853) and LoadRunner can be integrated with Quality Center. One can also create reports and graphs for Analysis and Tracking for Test (continued) processes.

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Analog mode: This mode of recording is used when the mouse positions, the location of the controls in the application, also play an important role in testing the application. This mode of recording has to be used to validate bitmaps, testing the signature etc.


Asynchronous snap- shots involve the timely distribution of recent copies of data across the organi- zation. This provides a more practical, cost-effective way of sharing data with less exposure in the event of network or component failures. The trade-off is that distributed sites have to work with data that is only as current as the snapshot interval. Care must be exercised that dependent tables are copied at the cor- rect interval to ensure system consisten- cy. For example, if invoices are copied before new customers are copied, then the replicate system might fail to correctly process new invoices for this customer. Yet another strategy is the asynchro- nous distributed transaction model, which is increasingly the replication solu- tion of choice. This model uses an event- driven mechanism that ensures the reli- able, continuous delivery of transactions across the enterprise. Event in this con- text means any change to the data. An example implementation of this strategy is Sybase’s Replication Server. It uses a log-based approach to help coor- dinate and manage data changes, as shown in the figure “Asynchronous Dis- tributed Transaction Model” (page 57). First, a replication agent captures data- base changes from the DBMS recovery logs, which were caused by database updates in the client application.

Microcontroller: It’s a single integrated circuit based small computer or System on Chip (SoC) which generally includes a processor, integrated memory input/output (I/O) peripheral devices. Microcontrollers are widely used in embedded systems, as it requires lesser external components.


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We have been getting these types of questions frequently. All these questions are somewhat similar to each other.

Functional testing tool: Unified Functional Testing 12.0, Winrunner 7.5

Design Thinking is a newer approach to problem-solving. It is a strategic design methodology that provides a user-centric and solution-based approach to solve complex problems. It allows the blend of technology and business models to solve customer problems or to find better solutions to the existing approach, by putting the customer at the center of the entire product development journey. With an ever-increasing demand for better user experience (usability and value) from consumers, product companies are compelled to continuously experiment and innovate, in quick cycles, for increased consumer adoption and competitive advantage in the market. That is where the concept of design thinking came into existence.


Testing an Application using WinRunner - Testing Tools

Answer: We run tests in Verify mode to test your application. Each time WinRunner encounters a checkpoint in the test script, it compares the current data of the application being tested to the expected data captured earlier.

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Select Add-ins to load: This part in Add-in Manager dialog which displays the Add-ins you can load WinRunner. Although, The Add-ins you selected would automatically appear the next time you start WinRunner.


In simpler terms, the firmware is a piece of code that is stored in the non-volatile memory. In embedded devices such as printers and home appliances, the firmware is responsible to load and manage the operating system within the device. The operating system, on the other hand, provides the applications with an execution context to perform on some set of peripherals. Therefore, it is the operating system’s job to carry out the actual task.

The P2SC, for example, runs at a relatively pokey 135 MHz. But when the Power3 moves to IBM's CMOS 7S process (it re- places the aluminum traces with copper), 500 MHz will be a realistic possibility. This places the Power3 squarely in the “speed demon” category. Such a part will prob- ably need higher clock divisors to drive the buses at manageable speeds. Peeling Open the Core The Power3, like Deep Blue’s P2SC, is a wide superscalar machine highly opti- mized for floating-point math. It has two floating-point units (FPUs), three integer units, two load/store units, and a branch / dispatch unit. Given an ideal instruction stream, the Power3 can execute up to eight instructions per clock cycle, but it can retire only four per cycle. If some of those instructions are fused multiply-adds (FMAs), the Power3 can execute the equivalent of 10 instructions per cycle. That’s because each pipelined FPU can execute the multiply and add operations of an FMA instruction in par- allel, yielding a maximum throughput of four FP operations per cycle. FMA is IBM’s term for single instructions that combine multiply and add instructions.


The profile is mapped out in header files, and the text is then edited to correspond with the processor’s unique characteristics. This profile automatical- ly configures all the source code for the target processor. Inevitably, a small amount of fine-tun- ing is required for certain architecture de- pendencies. To address this, we further refine the abstraction process by identi- fying those OS components that are in- herently architecture-specific and extract them from the main body of code. The combination of the basic source code control mechanisms with these procedures has made it possible for Wind River to provide support for a wide va- riety of different processors. The un- derlying technology in the Tornado de- velopment environment and VxWorks RTOS has been expanded to Tornado for I 2 0 and lx Works. Assuming that a port to VxWorks is completed for a given processor, then the port to lx Works sim- 1 2 O ’ s OS Evolves ply becomes an extension of that effort. The lion’s share of the work involved in porting I 2 0 lies in the peripherals. For porting I 2 0 to a particular processor tech- nology, a subset of 50 peripheral functions must be customized for the various de- vices on the new platform. In addition, four time-critical OS components — DMA and PCI transfers, the message interface, and context switching — require perfor- mance-tuned code.

Evolutionary Prototypes: Instead of being discarded, these prototypes are built to be robust so that they can be enhanced and built upon to form the final product that the customer sees. Such prototypes present a great way to avoid wastage of resources.