Like an out of touch world being forced to choose between the Rebellion and the Empire in a galaxy far, far away, prepare to be polarized, PSP owners. Some of you are going to pick up Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron and think it's one of the best UMDs you've ever held, while some of you are going to pick up Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron, put it down and walk away unimpressed.

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To be honest, though, the space battles always felt secondary in Battlefront. It's the foot-based missions that people play this game for. And to be more specific, it's the multiplayer foot-based missions that are enjoyable. You'll have even more fun with the multiplayer mode when you start messing around with the fairly extensive custom character creator. Not only can you change your fighter's appearance, but you can also outfit them with the ideal set of weapons and items to match your fighting style. It's too bad that Renegade Squadron's single-player experience is over so soon, but think of it as training for the hours you're bound to spend online.

It surprised a lot of people when LucasArts announced that its next edition of Star Wars Battlefront would be coming exclusively to PSP, but given that it's the number two-selling title on the entire platform, it makes total business sense. Having that kind of status means that Battlefront is no longer a port of a console original either - this time it has been built from the ground up and it shows.


But an even bigger development could help tweak the series' often bland, clone-a-like experience - now you'll be able to customize and create your owncharacter for use in the multiplayer games. Classes are out, and customization is in. You're given a budget of 100 credits, with which you can build a character, spending on abilities, weapons, attributes and what not - but you can also freely edit your appearance, race and color.

Renegade Rating T-Teen Video Games

These credits aren't money you'll have to earn, but they are numbers you'll have to master. Each slot on your customization screen has a handful of options, and each option has a different credit cost. You'll need to go through and whip up an equipment set that boils down to 100 credits or less. If you're over the maximum mark, the game won't let you into battle until you've dropped the deadweight.


You can play action-packed Star Wars battles with up to 15 other players online

Just how powerful are these Hero Jedi? When we snagged our team's banner and became Count Dooku, the opposing forces froze us with a carbonite gun and dropped a couple of orbital strikes on us before we broke away and sliced up Mace.

Released for PlayStation Portable, Lethal Alliance was an Ubisoft Montreal joint that helps bridge the gap between Episode III and IV. Despite an interesting concept that had players taking control of a female Twi'lek, the game's mediocre gameplay led to a less than stellar portable experience. The PSP version was however better than the DS version, which had a focus on touch controls.


The video game adaptation of The Phantom Menace was developed by Big Ape Productions. The action-adventure title was a middling affair. It mirrored the plot of the film closely, but some terrible controls and repetitive combat make it a slog to get through.

Star Wars: Renegade Squadron

This story - told through some nifty graphic novel-esque cutscenes - makes up Campaign mode. Here, you'll listen and watch Col tell his story and then battle it out in the skirmish he just introduced in places such as Kashyyyk, Korriban and Mustafar as the character you've created; you get to decide race, insignias, outfit colors, the works. Each mission will either take place in a capture the flag surface battle (the flag is usually some piece of the ship you need to return or another object that makes sense in the setting), in a Conquest match (capture all of your enemy's bases to win) or in an outer space dogfight.

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Star Wars battle on PSP sighted

Dark Forces is a first-person shooter in the vein of Doom. It's pretty darn good on PC, but sadly the PlayStation port was a poor version of the shooter. Not only were the graphics worse, but the game had a wonky frame rate that made it more difficult to enjoy playing.


Star Wars (check over here) Battlefront: Renegade Squadron (recommended reading) is a PSP-only episode of the film-inspired blastfest, and it'll be introducing a whole new nuance to the series - deep space battles with the Jedi heroes in the mix. The game will feature four galactic battlefields, including one set among the shattered remains of Princess Leia's homeworld, Alderon, alongside 18 brand new planetary warzones spanning locations from Hoth to Endor.

Rebellion studios deserves the golden turd award for this, did you know that the worst metacritic rating on Steam is a Rebellion game? Did you know that most of their games have negative reviews by both critics and regular gamers? This is a middle finger to the fans like my self who adored battlefront 1 and 2, Someone at Lucasarts needs to lose their job, clearly, they and Rebellion have no sense of what the fans want, I will not be buying a new game from either anytime soon.


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It all looks and sounds pretty good. Renegade Squadron won't win any PSP graphics awards, but character models and vehicles are detailed. Environments, while unspectacular, also look appropriate to the setting. More importantly, the frame rate is always smooth and steady, so the action is never interrupted by visual hitches. It also sounds exactly like a Star Wars game should, with all the standard effects you've come to know and love, as well as the famous John Williams score to round it out. However, every so often, the sound will cut out for a moment or two, apparently while the disc loads content. It only happens every few minutes, but it's an annoying distraction all the same.


The gameplay variety is second to none with a good cross referencing of gameplay genres. You can also expect some surprises, as some famous playable Star Wars characters make an appearance.

This anchored aim is a system that's simple and frustrating at the same time. While it was nice to be able to keep a bad guy in my line of fire at all times, the lock-on-only move really seemed to sap some of the fun and achievement out of gameplay. Here I was this badass Sullustan decked out in my black-on-black Rebel Commando outfit, and all my attacks came down to running in a circle around my enemy and leveling them with my blaster rifle.


As for the games, I am interested in KotoR 3 and Battlefront 3. I do understand why they would release so many as well. KotoR and Battlefront were very high selling games so releasing them when they are done (within a certain time frame) is desirable so if they are finishedand ready in the same year they aren't going to hold one or the other back. And they are different games that likely appeal to different types of fans (not every SW fan likes all things SW). The Clone Wars game needs to capitalise on the show's current appeal so releasing it soon makes sense. The DS and PSP games appeal the crowd that has those systems and wants portable games so the overlap there is minimal.

I was going to preface this review with a few sober, state-of-the-nation paragraphs on the PSP and its relationship with other consoles. Phrases like ‘competitive, high-end alternative’, ‘marketing formula/development strategy’ and ‘chocolate teapot’ were due to make an appearance. Then I remembered I was reviewing a Star Wars game.


That's an extra $85 for components required to fully enjoy this product. Not to mention the spare battery most PSP owners will tell you is a necessity if your planning on playing for longer than 2 or 3 hours without an electrical outlet nearby. I own two Nintendo DS systems and the only thing I've ever had to buy for them is the games. I'm not going to go into which system is better, I'm merely stating that it's pretty cheap of a multibillion dollar corporation to not include the necessary parts with the system. I've given a four star rating because, as I said, it's a great system with alot of nice features and quality games. Just be warned that if you're purchasing this particular bundle, you'll need to buy the memory card and USB cable separately.

An ambitious action game, Bounty Hunter allows players to play as Jango Fett. In this Attack of the Clones prequel, Fett attempts to track down a Dark Jedi by the name of Komari Vosa. The game is available on PlayStation 4 as a PS2 Classic, but the gameplay hasn't aged particularly well with the controls feeling clunky.


Ground controls are a little easier to deal with, thanks to a new control scheme that isn't perfect but is a bit of an improvement over Battlefront II. In the default scheme, you move and turn using the analog stick. If you want to strafe, you use the analog stick while holding the R button. The R button also allows you to lock on to targets, while the L button lets you jump and sprint, depending on whether you tap it or hold it. It works just fine most of the time, but it does have some issues. Turning speed is generally slow, which is a pain when you can see on the minimap that there is an enemy right behind you, but you can't turn quickly enough to avoid being blaster fodder. Another issue is the targeting itself, which can be mighty painful when there is an AT-AT on the screen. It's easy enough to cycle targets using the D pad, but when you first hold the targeting button and there is an enemy towering above you, it may lock on to that target. If you exit targeting mode, your view will remain on that target for a few seconds before snapping back. Those precious seconds can mean the difference between life and death. If you are more comfortable with the original's default scheme, you can use that too, though the more enjoyable retro scheme of Battlefront II is nowhere to be found.

The editors moved as a coordinated team through the sandy streets of Tatooine. One would get the flag, two would walk with the carrier to provide cover, and the team would wipe the floor with any of my robotic Wookies who chose to run past them or - literally - stand there and not shoot back. I'd try to get the flag from Point A to Point B without being set one fire, but the computer provided no backup and didn't even seem like it was trying to get to our opponent's flag as the humans held a BBQ.


If you decried Battlefront II's lack of a true campaign, you'll be delighted to find one here, though it's not long or terribly interesting. You play as Commander Col Serra, who recounts his days of derring-do with the top-secret Renegade Squadron to researcher Tionne. His story is a good introduction to the maps and it's accompanied by lovely static cutscenes -just don't expect any insights into the Star Wars universe. The story is fairly bland and serves as a way to get you into a number of famous battles as a hitherto unknown character. The useless challenge mode is thankfully gone, though the satisfying Galactic Conquest mode remains. This mode is a combination of turn-based strategy, assault, and conquest, in which you purchase troops, move them around, and eventually attack enemy planets in a bid to conquer the galaxy. When you attack, you can allow the game to auto resolve, but where's the fun in that? Instead, it gives you an excuse to pummel the artificial intelligence in conquest mode, and if you attack the enemy's home planet, you can take down a few starfighters too.

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Unlike the previous games, the class system has been redone where players can customize their own soldiers by selecting which weapons they choose to have before a battle. Space battles return for this version as well, with the ability to take command of famous ships like the The Millennium Falcon, Tie-Fighters and Star Destroyers.


Star Wars: Battlefront series

In a perfect example of history repeating itself, Battlefront II's big addition was a narrative-based single player campaign. In this mode, players took control of an Imperial stormtrooper that had a lengthy career on the battlefield. The game was considered a step up from the original, especially for players not interested in multiplayer, and it fixed a lot of rough edges. It's an example of a sequel done right, and hopefully the new Battlefield II will do the same.

Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron Image

Another title based upon the first film of the prequel trilogy, Jedi Power Battles is a beat 'em up that builds upon the mechanics of 1999's release. Sadly, it doesn't build that much upon it, and some really bad platforming sections make the game more frustrating than fun. Throw in overly long levels, and that means both adaptations of Episode I are worth skipping.


Starkiller returned in The Force Unleashed II. Sadly, the game once again failed to live up to the hype as the repetitive nature of the gameplay was unimproved from the first game, and a disappointing story. It goes to show that sometimes the second attempt isn't much better.

There are modding communities out there who have added many features to the vanilla (stock) game. These include Localized leigons, play as different clone legions on different planets. A force Unleashed Game mode, Play as the characters from TFU in a Battlefront styled game mode. Conversion Pack, Adding the KotOR era and BF1 mpas and many additional game modes. There is even a Mandolorian Wars mod.


It features the same modes as in its predecessors: Galactic Conquest where the player chooses which team they want to play as, fighting against their respective enemies on a massive battlefield. The winner of said battle will get to choose witch planet to attack next with the game ending once the home planet of either side is taken by their enemies.

Multiplayer is much, much better. It still isn’t nearly as good as the Playstation 2 or PC Battlefront games but it tries its hardest. Plagued by all of the problems listed above this game falls far short. If the PSP is your chosen platform and you are in love with Star Wars this could be for you, but everyone else is best renting this puppy.


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Originally released for the SNES, Super Star Wars was an adaptation of the first film. The 2D action game would later be released on PS4 and Vita in 2021. The enhanced port features modern conveniences such as leaderboards and trophies, but stays true to the original's high difficulty.

Star Wars (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=7984) Battlefront: Renegade Squadron (web link) is a continuation of the Battlefront series and an exclusive for the PSP. Once again the player takes command of either The Rebellion, The Galactic Empire, The Republic Clone Army and The CIS Droid Army, with a variety of heroes for each side such as Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo as well as villains like Boba Fett, Darth Maul and Darth Vader among many others.


The only original Star Wars Battlefront experience of 2007, Renegade Squadron delivers a new way for players to experience their favorite Star Wars battles any way – and anywhere – they want. The game presents new battles and missions found through a never-before-told story, as well as an unprecedented wealth of personalization and customization options. And for the first time on the PSP system, Star Wars (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=423) Battlefront players can team up or compete online with friends all over the world.

There are a number of different modes to sample on these maps too. When we played, we used the classic deathmatch option, but an improved Galactic Conquest mode, and a new "Hero Capture the Flag" option and CTF and Conquest (both single and team versions) are in there too. Sadly, there won't be any downloadable content going forward but the game does boast a player customization system that keeps things interesting for a good long while.


Fourteen heroes return from Star Wars Battlefront II

These battles are intense affairs, and you aren't limited to running around on foot. You can jump into speeder bikes, AT-STs, hovertanks, and even AT-ATs (used memorably on the Hoth map). If there aren't enough human players on the server, the game will fill out the teams with bots, so you're always guaranteed an action-packed battle, even though the bots are generally dumb and easy to take down.

Worse was when Vader showed up. The Sith Lord came at me, but I managed to backup far enough to circle and fire comfortably. Occasionally he'd try and rush me or throw his lightsaber, but in the end, Anakin folded like every other drone running around the battlefield. When we took the fight to space, Darth just flew in straight lines and took the ass-whipping the Rebels handed out.


Other cool features planned for the final release include leaderboards and player stats, new weapons like the tri-shot pistol, orbital strike, and carbonite freeze gun, and a unique single-player mode that boasts eight ground and three space maps. The best news of all, though, is that Renegade Squadron handles a whole lot better than the PSP version of Battlefront 2 did. It's much easier to target now and characters run around the screen at a much better clip. Granted, there are some weird collision issues going on with structures (it is sometimes hard to discern where a wall ends and another begins), but development is still early and the plan is to have most of the tech issues fixed up by release.

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In Star Wars (internet) Battlefront: Renegade Squadron (this post), robust customization options replace the class system seen in previous Star Wars Battlefront titles, allowing for millions of possible unique combatants. With weapons, equipment and abilities that players select themselves, no two allies will likely ever look or perform exactly the same.


Much better than the previous racing game, Racer Revenge is the follow-up to the well received N64 game Star Wars Episode I: Racer. It features some challenging and fast-paced racing, and a solid single-player mode. It was recently released on PS4 as a PS2 Classic title, and it holds up surprisingly well.

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While the puzzle-platformer may feel tired in 2021, it was absolutely fresh 12 years ago. The LEGO aesthetic was a unique way to reimagine the prequels, and the great sense of humor made the platformer enjoyable for both kids and adults.


This shooter game features a battle with the “evil empire” as a series of fights occurs in space and on land. Renegade Squadron is determined to overcome the evil empire as this game’s storyline captures scenes in between Return of the Jedi’s battle of Endor and Star Wars (go to this web-site): a New Hope’s battle of Yavin.