WeFi for Symbian is the best software for finding and connecting to wireless networks with your Nokia WiFi-enabled device. With WeFi, you always get the optimal WiFi connection, while keeping the battery consumption to a minimum. WeFi software eliminates the need of manually selecting WiFi networks. Instead, WeFi software automatically searches for an available and reliable WiFi networks when you connect to the Internet. Future versions of WeFi will also get infromation about available wireless network from WeFi's global database, improving the quality and speed of connection even further.

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Note: This software is deprecated now. We have discontinued the development of this software (investigate this site) at July 4, 2021.


Unfortunately, Eye-Fi is one of the WiFi (find out this here) devices that doesn't seem to be working with JokuSpot, perhaps Eye-Fi is designed not to use Ad-hoc WiFi (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=3194) connections (as opposed to "infrastructure" connections offered by ordinary WiFi base stations). JoikuSpot would have been a great companion for the Eye-Fi - just start JokuSpot, place the phone in your belt and start snapping photos while you are on the move and photos will be published as you go. Sure, it will be a bit slow but that is better than no connectivity. Hopefully Eye-Fi and/or JoikuSpot will be able to overcome this problem and get this to work.

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Most of the times it happen that you urgently need to open PST but lacking MS Outlook. Obviously, there is no logic to purchase MS Office to install MS Outlook just for viewing PST when you are sure that MS Office is not of great use for you.

Regular readers are likely familiar with JoikuSpot, the mobile phone application that turns your 3G Symbian S60 handheld into a WiFi (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=7309) hotspot. It’s a simple method to essentially use your high-speed handset as a modem and have various other WiFi-enabled devices use the connection. Today, the Joiku folks announced a partnership with another WiFi-sharing faction in the mobile space: FON. Later this quarter, they’ll release FonSpot, a FON-branded version of the JoikuSoft Premium Edition software.


A powerful software and service that enables the instant creation wireless hotspots using your wireless router or Wifi card. With this free software (look these up) you can run your own free or commercial wireless hotspot network; Create local wireless communities where bulletin board, chat, and forums available locally with or without Internet service; Share your broadband service, split your ISP bill.

Osdbatery is a simple application which shows battery info for laptops. This program parses ACPI kernel info and shows it in an on-screen display. It is very useful for notebooks when using full screen applications, since it allows you to monitor your battery state in all applications.

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Thies File Explorer v.

Texplorer is a text-based file browser. It's easy to use and working on any *nix and BSD systems. If you are familiar with "vi", getting along with Texplorer wont difficult for you.


TexPlorer, the textbased file explorer v.rc

In the past the solution I used was Joikuspot which was an application which ran on my Nokia N95 phone. It acted as a wireless access point, it connected to the internet via 3G and then shared that connection over the phone’s wifi (pop over here) connection with other devices. It was a very clever technology which made life easier for me. There were a few downsides, the main was battery life, it drained battery from the N95 really fast, so was only useful for an hour or two or when the phone was plugged into the mains. Of course this meant that I couldn’t use the N95 as a phone, as the battery would be drained. Another problem I had was with devices such as the Nokia N810 and Sony PSP which would not connect to the Joikuspot wireless network. The reason was a limitation in the Symbian software which meant that the phone acted in ad-hoc mode for wireless rather than infrastructure. The N810 and PSP had issues with connecting to an ad-hoc network. It did however work fine with the iPod touch which was how I mainly used it.

X File Explorer for Linux v.1.32.4

Microsoft outlook asterisk password recovery software helps the user to retrieve all lost and forgotten passwords and username of any length and complexity. It provides records of all outgoing and incoming email and newsgroup accounts details.


Wifi For Nokia S60 Symbian Software

Outlook express password recovery software restores forgotten password from configured multiple mail account. Outlook password recovery utility decrypt encrypted password and reminds all forgotten account login information.

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