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  • Twitter Is Still Dismissing Harassment Reports And Frustrating Victims
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Maggie accused the account of stalking her and filed an abuse report to Twitter. Shortly after that, she received the photoshop of her inside the target from a different user. The tweet was retweeted by @LowIQCrazyMika. Maggie filed an abuse report for this tweet as well.

As a victim of continued harassment, Ellis has looked not only to the media, but to Twitter employees

Harassment on Twitter was nothing new for Maggie, but this latest threat unnerved her. One day before receiving the photoshopped target image, Maggie had argued with a Twitter (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=9253) troll account by the name of @LowIQCrazyMika. After a contentious back-and -forth, @LowIQCrazyMika tweeted that they’d found Maggie’s Facebook account.

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Results will be compiled and included in the mayor's annual budget, which will be published later this spring. Data collected will help influence priorities and goals, as well as measure the performance and outcomes of current programs.


But then I talk to a friend at Twitter who says it definitely is and helps get it taken care of for me

Four days after filing the first report, Maggie received a form email from Twitter. It said @LowIQCrazyMika had not violated Twitter’s rules by alluding to her location.

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Doyle’s tweet was retweeted over 6,200 times. Shortly thereafter, Twitter (have a peek here) reversed its ruling and suspended the user.

Given Twitter (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=2830)’s size and the volume of tweets it broadcasts — estimates are old but one report from an app developer in early 2021 clocked over 303 million tweets per day — the social network could never review each and every suspicious tweet with a human eye. But Twitter’s history of opaque protocols for addressing abuse casts its inaction in a different light. In September, a BuzzFeed News survey (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=6738) of over 2,700 users found that 90% of respondents said that Twitter didn’t do anything when they reported abuse.


She said: “This simply isn’t acceptable. There is a huge amount of anger and frustration out there.

And yet targeted harassment of the sort Maggie experienced continues. That may be because Twitter (https://dybdoska.ru/hack/?patch=252)’s recent abuse prevention controls are a largely cosmetic solution to a systemic problem. And Twitter (pop over to this site)’s inconsistent enforcement of harassment reports suggest that perhaps the company’s algorithmic moderation systems simply aren’t as effective as the company would like to think. It’s in these situations that Maggie — and others — have looked for a third party to intervene.


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Twitter declined comment, citing its policy of not commenting on individual accounts

After a decade-long failure to effectively address harassment on its platform, Twitter has finally begun making efforts to curb its abuse problem. Last November it rolled out a keyword filter and a mute tool for conversation threads, as well as a “hateful conduct” report option. In February, the company made changes to its timeline and search designed to hide "potentially abusive or low-quality" tweets, and added a policy update intended to crack down on abusive accounts from repeat offenders. Just last week, Twitter rolled out a few more muting tools for users, including the ability to mute new (formerly known as egg) accounts, as well as accounts that don't follow you.